Top 10 Basic Google Adwords or PPC Marketing Tips

Google Adwords (a.k.a PPC) is perhaps the second most commonly-used internet marketing method after Search engine Optimization (SEO). Being against to organic or free rankings, PPC is about paid advertisement.   As the name suggests, PPC is pay per click advertising, which means you pay for every click. Considering the following tips can save money for you.

PPC Marketing Tips

  1. Define your campaign goals carefully. Put conversion tracking in place.
  2. Select your keywords carefully and be smart with keyword matching types. Make use of negative keywords to keep non-customers away.
  3. Be specific with ad groups and ads. Having higher CTR (Click through rate) is important for higher Quality score and ultimately saving money for you
  4. Carefully design ‘landing pages’ for various ads. Pages should be informative but do not over-load information.
  5. Find out best performing ads , ads and location and  get rid of low-performing ones.
  6. Adjust your bid amount – don’t bid too low.
  7. If you are not sure about options, Perform A/B testing to the various ad –groups and ads
  8. If you are targeting more than one country, it is always recommended to use a separate campaign for each country.
  9. Make sure your website is working on all platforms and devices
  10. Monitor and adjust. Google Analytic is a useful tool to monitor performance

With keeping these tips in mind, you can setup and execute Google Adwords or PPC campaigns successfully without wasting your precious money.

Here is a useful Adwords guide for beginners

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