Top 10 Online Job Interview Tips for Work From Home Men and Women

Now a days many interviews are conducted online- especially if you are working from home, chances are all of your interviews will be conducted online. Even if you are working from home, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore basics of a successful interview. Here are the top 10 tips which will help you with online or offline job interviews.

1.       Be on time

Always be available on time. Check all the equipment and make sure everything is ready at least 10 minutes before the interview and close any unnecessary programs. If it is an offline interview, reach the destination at least 10 minutes before time.

2.       Prepare well

Prepare well for the interview. Practice commonly asked questions, prepare your questions,  have pen and note pad ready and take notes if required. If it’s an online interview, make sure that the room is well-lit and quiet and background is decent.

3.       Look Professional and stay relaxed

Wear a professional dress . Even if you are interviewing from home or online, it doesn’t mean that you can use leisure wear. Dress professionally and look into camera while slightly leaning towards camera. Stay relaxed and don’t get panic.

4.       Avoid informal language

Use professional language and avoid any kind of slangs. Do not try to become informal and share jokes.

5.       Do research about job and company

Research thoroughly about company and job and have your questions ready. Ask those on appropriate time during the interview.

6.       Keep CV and references ready

Keep an updated CV and few references ready and present when or if the interviewer demands.  Never say anything contradicting to your CV.

7.       Reply confidently and positively

Reply confidently and positively. Avoid any negativity even about your previous employer and universities. Look confident and maintain an eye contact. Reply short and to the point.

8.       Ask question but don’t interrupt

You have right to ask questions if anything needs explanation. But make sure that you ask those questions at the right time!

9.       Discuss salary or rates at the end

Salary and any other benefit should be discussed at the end of the interview.

10.   Avoid negative body language

Avoid any type of negative language or body language. Do not eat or drink during the interview.  In online or telephonic interviews, your voice should be clear and  have  a nice smile during the interview.

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