Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media can be a great tool to market your business if you use it carefully. In this post some commonly made mistakes by businesses are discussed.

1.       Starting without a Plan

You should be clear about what you want to achieve from social media channels before jumping into this over-hyped world.

2.       Not allocating the required resources

Social media needs time and expertise. Without allocating enough time and other resources, your social media efforts can not be that fruitful. Businesses which take social media too easy, often can’t survive for long in this competitive world with social media st its peak.

3.       Not Using the right Social Media Platform

Choosing for the right social media platform and being consistent with those is the key to success in social media marketing. Don’t try to be everywhere just to create noise, rather find out what works best for your business.

4.       Promoting Your Business Too Much

Social media is not like old-fashioned marketing channel where you can push your marketing message too often. It is very much about listening too.  Just sending promotional messages will not work in social media marketing.

5.       Not Directing People to Your Website

Website should be the main hub of all of your online marketing efforts because businesses have total control over it. While social media is good for generating buzz and traffic to the website, but usually businesses lack control over those platforms.

6.       Not Integrating Social Media Platforms

Carefully integrating social media platforms can save time and efforts for the businesses. On the other hand, integrating too much can back fire. Do not use your personal profile for business – Have a separate page or profile for businesses purposes. No one likes you promoting business from your personal account.

7.       Not Adding the Human Element

Human interaction is the core element of social media. Building relationship with the users should be a priority.

8.       Buying Paid Followers

Paid fans or followers have no attachment with business. Say no to buying followers or fans, unless you want to waste money.

9.       Not Actively Participating

Without active participation and engagement social media is just about numbers. To get real benefit of social media one has to take part into it actively to keep the information fresh and updated. Also, if something goes wrong, try to rectify it as soon as possible otherwise bad news spread faster on social media and it can adversely effect your business campaign and repute.

10.   Not Tracking

Define your goals and measure success. Measuring success is very important to stay focused and to know what is working best for you and adjusting accordingly.

In short , have a plan,  choose appropriate channels, avoid being lazy in responding and reacting, do not just promote your business and be real and keep measuring success.

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