Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Work from Home Businesses

Social media can be a very cost-effective marketing channel for work from home or small businesses. If you can manage with the time, the cost is almost zero. Make sure you register your business name on all social media channels and then actively participate and engage over there. Freshness is the key to a successful Social media marketing campaign. Top 10 tips for small businesses or work from home are as follows:

Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. Register your name on all top social media platforms. Have a detailed bio mentioning your or your business name.
  2. Write a blog regularly. Write for people but optimize your posts for search engines as well. Share your blog posts on  Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  3. Actively participate and comment on other relevant blogs to build a network.
  4. Keep Facebook page fresh by contents, competitions and commenting.
  5. Tweet regularly and don’t forget to hash tag (#) important words a.ka. keywords.
  6. Make videos and share on sites likes YouTube. You may create simple videos initially.
  7. Have detailed profile on Linkedin and get recommendations.  Don’t forget to join and participate in discussions over the relevant groups.
  8. Be active on Pinterest and other top social media channels too.
  9. Inter-link social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter where it makes sense.
  10. Check regularly for your brand mentions. Try to keep consumers happy, or at least satisfied. If something goes wrong, try to fix it at the earliest.

These are some basic top tips to market your small business on social media. You will learn a lot by practically doing it- So start today!

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