Top 100 SEO Tips from SEO Experts – Search Engine Optimization

Compilation of top 100 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips from leading SEO experts.

Top 100 SEO Tips:

  1. Choose a right Domain Name
  2. Register a .com domain name with an ICANN (eg godaddy)
  3. If you are targeting a specific country, use country’s top level domain designation
  4. Host your site on a reliable host
  5. Do market research carefully
  6. Have an Error Free site
  7. Site  should be easily crawlable
  8. Site should be fast
  9. Keep  the URLs simple
  10. Do thorough keyword research  and select only relevant keywords
  11. Don’t target 1-word keywords
  12. Use Keywords in URL but don’t do stuffing
  13. Use text base navigation
  14. Target most important keyword from home page
  15. Link to other top sites in the industry
  16. Use a HTML sitemap
  17. Submit XML sitemap
  18. Avoid excessive use of Frame, Java Scrip and Flash
  19. Where appropriate, use keywords at important places like header, Linking Text, Image Alt tags
  20. Use keywords in title
  21. Use Meta Description tag carefully  to convey the message
  22. Use keywords in headings
  23. Use keywords in bulleted text
  24. Use keywords in bold/italic/underlined words
  25. Use keywords ‘above the fold’
  26. Use keywords at the start, middle and towards the end of page
  27. Avoid duplicated contents
  28. Do not target too many keywords on one page , rather target a few keywords from each page
  29. Use breadcrumb navigation
  30. Be careful who you link back to
  31. Avoid keyword spamming, stuffing, spamdexing
  32. Avoid invisible text
  33. Avoid doorway pages
  34. Avoid redirection of pages using meta or javascript refresh
  35. Avoid targeting off topic  keywords
  36. Avoid clocking
  37. Do not just focus on home page only, optimize all pages properly
  38. Improve internal linking
  39. Have enough contents on each page
  40. Avoid 404 errors
  41. Add Robot.txt file, if necessary
  42. Have unique Title for each page
  43. Avoid targeting the keywords no one is searching for
  44. Do not over-do regarding keyword density
  45. Avoid adding lot of meta tags
  46. Try to keep your code clean
  47. Get relevant links
  48. Anchor text in links is very important
  49. Get one way link
  50. Be careful about to whom you are linking
  51. There should not be many links on that page
  52. Avoid broken links , deep pages and slow pages
  53. Maintain consistency and link to same version of your site
  54. Start blogging and use social media
  55. Get deep links
  56. Keep on changing Anchor Text
  57. Get some ‘nofollow’ links but generally avoid those
  58. Avoid link farms
  59. Submit to niche directories
  60. Try to get links from high traffic pages
  61. Get most of the link from the geographical region you are targeting
  62. Link page should be easy crawlable
  63. Hire a good writer
  64. Generate top quality contents
  65. Announce to give something free to get links
  66. Write top quality articles
  67. Join forums and leave your url in forum comments
  68. Leave your url in blog comments
  69. Increase presence on social media
  70. Distribute press releases
  71. Leave testimonials on the sites you like
  72. Get links by working for a charity org
  73. Try to get some links from .edu and .gov sites
  74. Use affiliate marketing  to get links
  75. Get links from variety of sites
  76. Get links  from relevant yellow pages
  77. Submit videos to get links
  78. Build and distribute something free
  79. Keep the balance among the links through various resources
  80. Track progress – may be by using some software
  81. Relevancy is the key in getting links
  82. Do not chase Google PR , let it chase you
  83. The rate at which links are added
  84. Links comes from variety of IP address
  85. Variety of anchor text in links
  86. Submit your site to Dmoz
  87. Adjust according to changes in SEs algorithm
  88. Appear natural
  89. If you want to hire an SEO, check their own ranking, references and ideas
  90. Generate quality contents and products/services
  91. Offer something valuable free
  92. Build online network of friends
  93. Keep an eye on the Analytics
  94. Keep check on the online reputation
  95. Do not go just for Google and ignore Yahoo, Bing (MSN)
  96. Have a mobile compatible website/version of the website
  97. Don’t be obsessed with Google PageRank (PR)
  98. Keep website ‘fresh’
  99. Give at least one contact option
  100. Have an ‘about us’ page or section

These tips are provided by SEO ExpertSEO Consultant and CEO, SEOCS 

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