10 SEO Tips for Google AdSense Income & Earnings

Google AdSense earnings heavily depends on the volume of organic traffic you get through search engines. Search engines can send very relevant traffic which is searching for some information or product to meet their needs. But it is crucial for higher earnings that you understand basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1.       Select Your Keywords Carefully

The best thing about selecting keywords for your posts or articles is to select relevant long-tail keywords to enhance your chances of getting ranked. Google Keyword Tool is the best available free tool which can help you in this regard.

2.       Write Keyword-Focused Titles

Titles are of prime importance as far as SEO is concerned. So, make sure that you include keyword in the Title.

3.       Focus on Keywords Prominence

Have keywords on prominent places such as headings, sub headings and bold text of your post. After having keywords in the Title, on-page keyword prominence is vital for successful SEO.

4.       Inter-Link Your Posts

Link to the relevant pages of your website from within the posts as this helps with SEO. Again, having keyword in inter linking text comes in handy for SEO.

 Follow Google Webmasters Guidelines

Google has published its Webmasters Guidelines. Read and follow those carefully and never try to break any of those otherwise you may lose most of your organic traffic.

6.       Build Links

Submit your site to relevant resources such as directories, article submission sites and forums. This is called off-page SEO or link-building.

7.       Promote Your Posts on Social Media:

Promote and share your posts on social media channels. Social media and SEO go hand in hand.

8.       Write for People

For your long time SEO success, make sure that you mainly writer for people, not for search engines. Ignoring people may cost a lot in the long run.

9.       Keep it Fresh

Websites can be kept fresh by adding new contents regularly. Search engines simply love fresh websites.

10.   Have Patience

Last but not least SEO tip for Adsense income is to have patience. Patience is the keyword for both long term SEO and Adsense income success.

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