Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Based Work

According to an estimate almost $427 billion income is generated from home based businesses every year. Nowadays, the trend of home based business has been increased a lot because people like to work from their home with ease and in their own hours, everyone is his own boss in online business. So, one will be able to set his/her own schedule and can spend good quality time with their family and friends. Home based business is of different kinds depends on the skills of a person and they can even make million dollars by sitting at their home. The home based business has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Here we are going to raise the curtain from the advantages and disadvantages of home based businesses.


Be your own boss:

The very first advantage of this business is you are free from the bounds and limits of the head and bosses as you are your own boss. You are free to choose the work you like to do in your own hours and with the clients you like to work. You are responsible for your business and will handle solely and it is the greatest attraction of the home based business.

Balanced family life and career:

While you are working from home you can spend good and more time with your family. You can set your own working hours and can even spend ample time on vacation without worrying about your boss. You can set your own time for work and the time you want to spend with your family. Home based business is an ideal choice for ladies who can earn and can also spend the full time with kids and looking after her house.

Reduce the expenses:

While working from home saves you lots of money like office expenses, travel expense, tax expense and all such kinds of expenditure can be saved.

Great earning source:

Owning a home based business is a great way to earn money. One can also start it as a part time or full time business. It offers you great opportunities to increase your income. And in this business all your efforts and hard work provide direct benefit to you.


This business has some disadvantages as well that are given below.

  • Space may get overcrowded and limit the potential of growth.
  • Family and personal lifestyle patterns will get disturbed sometime.
  • It may be long working hours and you have to spend much time away from your family.
  • Family and business privacy may disturb.
  • No fringe benefits.
  • There will be no social contacts and network opportunities.
  • You may get some stress and tension due to the imbalance between business and family needs.
  • Friends and family demands may increase as you are spending your entire day at home.

All these problems may occur if you will not manage the time wisely. Once you get into it then you must have to learn about the proper dealings and management of this business as well.

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