Tips To Make A Promising Freelancing Career

A freelancer has the freedom to chalk out his/her own working days and hours but, it requires proper planning and discipline. Being his own boss, a freelancer need proper planning to make the right rules to attain success smoothly. Many of these instructions and advices seem like common sense but, remembering things and implementing the strategies is not that easy as it seems to be. Freelancing rules vary from freelancer to a freelancer. Following are some tips and tricks that can be used by any freelancer to touch the heights of success. There might be the possibility that you have already implemented many of these tips and you will definitely find 3-4 more useful tips to boost your income and freelancing career.

Design a marketing plan:

It is the most imperative thing that you have to do at priority basis. No doubt, you have all the information on the head but, preserving them on paper helps a lot in your business progression and worths your valuable time. It will not only help you think about the possible challenges and important issues but, will help you in extracting the valuable help from your potential business investors and partners because a good business or marketing plan opens the door to success.

Plan things beforehand:

Spare some time to plan your week to make it more potent and lucrative. Either plan at the start of each week or plan at last hours of the earlier week. In this way it will be a lot easier for you to plan your coming week schedule to attain the goals in a comfortable way. Larger the number of projects more important it is to plan your week or working schedule beforehand.

Usage of free software:

No doubt, starting a freelance career will be challenging economically but, by utilizing some reliable free software you can easily save ample initial costs without even sacrificing the functionality. Remember, everything that is for free is not of bad quality. There are innumerable options available and innovation is still going on. So, ensure that what software is essential for your business and how it can help in increasing the credibility of your business and work. When you purchase  a camera, a computer, a printer or a tablet make sure to examine the software that is provided with the gadget.

Make an eye-popping logo:

To attain a more professional image to catch the potential clients in todays competitive market you need immense efforts when it is about branding. You have to design an attractive logo (you can hire a professional for it, if you lack the necessary skills yourself) because it will make your recognition easier and gives a more professional touch. The best way to utilize the logo is by placing it on your business cards, envelopes, website, social media pages etc. in this way you will present yourself more professionally and it is highly essential to catch the needed attention.

Feel free to say NO:

If you are already overburdened with work and have no time for any other client so, it is more professional to say no instead of providing low quality and late work. It is the fairest thing to your new and existing clients as well as to yourself. The worst working scenario is saying yes to all because too much work result on poor quality that badly affects the relationship between the existing clients and the one who urge to use your services. Always make sure that you are giving quality time to your clients because too many clients lowers the standards and quality of the work.

Make a website or blog:

In todays technological era having a website say much more about you and your business. It not only gives a more professional look but, serve as a gateway to new potential clients. Many of clients make use of the internet to search for potential and skillful people for their countless upcoming projects, so a website or a blog enhances your chances of getting high earning projects.

Keep posted on your website frequently:

If you already have a blog or website, it is awesome. But, to improve the value of your blog you have to update it on a regular basis. If the new customers land on your website and you don’t have anything new for them they may refer someone else having up to date content on their website. It will hardly take an hour or so to update the blog or website everyday, however it will give multiple rewards in different shapes.

Offer something for free:

Giving something for free to your online visitors is a good and profitable move. If you are working as a dress designer you can offer some free buttons, laces or free textures to your potential customers. It will ignite your website traffic and brings innumerable clients to you. Moreover, you can also offer a percentage off to your clients on their first order. This will be something that lure customers and boost your sales and revenues.

Social media use:

Social media is the latest hit these days and is highly used to make relationships. No matter where you live, through social media you can easily connect to a pool of potential customers and business partners across the globe. Twitter and Facebook should be your main social media tools along with other business related forums. For example, you are a designer you can consider YouTube and DeviantArt. On various social media platforms you can promote your business for as long as you want. The best thing is it is entirely free of cost and embrace unmatched advertising benefits.

Get allies:

Building relationships via social media brings ample of benefits to your freelancing career. Making relationships though social network sites or even the promotion of your business through family and friends will take your business to the heights of success. Connecting with people may also help your clients indirectly and in this way presents a more complete package to your customer. In this way, you can easily create a long list of loyal customers that adds to your business somehow the other.

Save for unforeseen situations:

No doubt, your business is in full bloom but, there are the possibilities that there may come a bad month or 2. So, it is highly advisable that save some amount for the unforeseen situations or for the bad months. You have to save some amount for the tough times and your saving will save you from problems and tensions. It is awful if your kids’ school fees or other small bills ruin everything within no time.

Be creative:

No doubt, creativity is God’s gift but, still there are innumerable ways to be creative to attract new clients and to utilize your office space and equipment in a better way. For example you can update the existing computer if you don’t have enough money to buy a new one. You can also redecorate your spare room or corner if you don’t have enough budget to afford  a full fledge office. Add new services or products to your customer list, you can also ask your family and friends if there is anyone who is in need of your product or service. There is no end to the opportunities you just have to think out of the box.

Appreciate loyal customers:

If the market is facing a fierce competition you have to do something that make your customers come back again and again. In business you have to be friendly, though you can’t offer discounts and free offers all the time so, make use of your fantasies and implement them in your business/marketing plan. Your main aim should be to bring customers back and you will have amazing chances  to survive.

Treat customers individually:

Giving quality and unique offers keep the existing customers loyal but, you have to be service minded as well because if a client feels confident and important he will take no time to be your loyal customer. Always make use of the positive attitude and language when you are conversing with them. Try your level best to satisfy them with your services and products however, remember to ask for feedback from your client. In this way you can improve your services and can offer more and more attractive offers to your clients which make them happier and it will bind them to you. Moreover, keep in mind that the existing clients are the best advertisement tools that bring massive traffic to your business.

Must be good in Time management:

While in freelancing you also have to set proper working time like to say you will work from 9am to 5pm every day, then you must have to follow this routine. If you have to check your mail account, make any private call or any other related work you have to do these kind of work waste much time of your work. So, you can manage all this by making a gentleman promise to yourself that you will do all these when your working hours are over. And don’t do it during your working duration as it is a common practice by most of the freelancer messed up their day because they are not good at time management.

Set your own working rules:

It is equally important in freelancing when you have to start and when you have to stop the work. You also have to be prepared for the extra work. This is important for keeping your business active and alive. That is possible only if you have some free time. If you will work for long hours at one time the work will be less productive. To make your business productive set your own hours for starting and ending. It is important to set your own rules for working.

Properly manage your finance:

Manage your finance correctly which is very important in every  business and this is only possible  when you keep  a regular check on your finance. It does not matter whether you are running a small business or a big one. You will get into a problem if you only check you finance once or two times in a year. Keep an update for paying bills, on which date you have sent the invoice to your client and when you get paid, when you release the payments to your employees. Done everything on a monthly basis. So, it will be easy to check and clear everything at the month end. In this way you will come to know about your profit and loss and will come to know about any error and will make all the adjustment accordingly.

Take a rest and breathe:

By taking rest or taking breathe means must take care of yourself take some rest when you feel tired and hectic. In freelancing you have to sit the whole time in front of a computer which will affect your eyes, pull your muscles and may cause pain in your back. As, your body works like a machine so, you have to take some rest to polish and defrag yourself. Spend good time with your friends, give time to your hobbies and also spent some time with your family you will feel fresh and happy again.

Go for outings:

If you are working from home then it is very essential to get out from home and take breathe in fresh air. Like you can also arrange your meeting at some hotel or ask your business partner to meet at lunch somewhere. Or you can also go to café shop or library with your laptop and do some work there. So, you will feel good. Such changes proves good in boosting your energy and you will get a good feedback.

Make a motivating string:

Sometimes people may get bored or tensed by continuous work, this is something very common that happens to everyone. But everyone knows that good days comes and bad days will definitely end. So, whenever you feel this just make a motivating string. Like think about something very good that you want to get so, you will get motivated to do the work either make a plan to take your kids in a good holiday spot so, you have to save something. Apart from this also add some inspirational quotes that inspire you and keep you motivated to work.

Try to be humble:

There is no one who is inborn champion or expert. Everyone gets everything with their skills and efforts. If you do something good you will feel on the top and you will feel confident and satisfied about what you are doing and what you are getting. So, where you are and what you have to achieve always be humble and down  to earth. Always try to listen what your clients are saying, fulfill their demands professionally and also give them some opinions so, it will be  good for you after satisfying your clients with your work and talent. And always remember to get advice from your colleagues that are in the same market.

Look and behave professionally:

While running a business from your home you must have to give a professional look to the business by designing a logo, developing a website, meet your clients with due respect, be polite and look presentable. If you are your own boss it does not mean to behave in a way you want. You have to act and talk in a manner with your clients.

Get feedback:

Always try to get a feedback on your website from your clients and even you can ask for your family, friends and allies, after completing a project ask the client how he finds you and get feedback from him, so, this thing will keep you motivated. It will not only helps you in the improvement but the clients will also feel honored and important. It is always good to get someones else feedback as it will help you in your success.

Make a note:

To be a successful businessman you must have to carry a notebook or a digital notebook like your iPhone. This is important for many reasons as you can note down the details about every client. Apart from this may be some ideas hit your mind and you want to discuss these points with a particular client so, you will be able to open your notebook have a look on the client details you are going to meet and keep everything in the mind that will helps you in making your meeting successful.

Give proper time to every project:

Time is very important for the success of a business either it is online or offline. If you take any project then must give proper time for it to make it successful. Giving back half projects to the client is a very unprofessional it will ruin your client and he will never come back. He will also give you a bad feedback. As clients are the best reference of every business that will help in attracting other clients.

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