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In this current scenario of economic recession freelance jobs are the best source of earning extra income yet with the comfort of your home. There are numbers of good websites that offer freelance jobs and a number of people who opt for working from home via different freelance websites at the convenience of their home.

In addition to that there are plenty of small and large companies who prefer hiring freelancers rather than employing permanent employees. All of these small and large enterprises are in search of qualified and skilled experts offering freelance services.

Top Ten Freelancing Sites:

Here is the list of top 10 freelancer websites of all those who wish to offer their services as freelancers and for those in search of them.

Top Freelancing Website# 1: Upwork/ oDesk:

oDesk ranks at number two just because it isn’t just as well known as Elance. In terms of quality, it is one of the best freelance websites. One can look for any sort of work at oDesk. For newbie it is quite easy to learn how to work on oDesk. oDesk has all the important features that Elance has. But there must be a reason why it isn’t number one itself. Well, there is one reason for that. oDesk is somewhat lower paid than that of Elance. Average rates for the same kind of jobs are lower on oDesk than on Elance, but still higher than many other websites. It’s a slight difference though. Apart from that, oDesk is great. In fact a must try for the beginners.

Top Freelancing Website# 2: Freelancer:

Like Elance, Freelancer is also one of the oldest freelancing podiums. It is very famous and has more than 3.6 million registered users! And it has a total job numbers of more than 1.6 million! It offers high pays to the workers, with many of the Elance and oDesk features. It has some of the best payment choices, which is helpful for those who don’t have PayPal access in their country.

Top Freelancing Website# 3: Fiverr:

Fiverr is a different sort of Freelancing website. Fiverr is a very different website, probably one of its kind. It is a micro-freelancing website, and it has mini-jobs called gigs. Workers post gigs they are willing to do. Contractors then order that gig. It is best for getting your freelancing career started. Not only will you find professional jobs here, you will also find some of the most ridiculous jobs and skids you ever saw in your life! It’s a must try website, especially for beginners. So get ready to be amazed by Fiverr!

Top Freelancing Website# 4: Guru:

The name speaks for itself of this website. Guru is a good freelancing platform. Just like Elance or oDesk it is one of the most popular and famous freelancing platforms. And it has many features similar to these two websites. The only disadvantage is that if you have a free account on this website, then you get a very limited number of bids to use per month. Still overall, it is a good website. You can always try out other websites when working on this one.

Top Freelancing Website# 5: RentACoder:

As the name suggests, this website is related to programming, web development, and other jobs related to information technology. This is one of the oldest of such websites. It has huge numbers of active contractors. Thus if you are good at programming and such stuff, then this can be the thing for you. In addition to that it pays very well.

Top Freelancing Website# 6. 99 Designs:

This is a design-oriented freelance website. Contractors post design contests of many types like logo designing, page designing and many more. Freelancers need to submit their designs. The best design wins the contest, and bags a lot of money. This is sort of time consuming, and a bit risky especially for new freelancers. But if you are a good artist, and if you have the potential, then you can walk off with lots of money in your pocket. Interested?

Top Freelancing Website# 7: crowdSPRING:

This website is very much alike to 99 Designs. It works in the same way as well. But it pays more! Only problem is that it is rather hard to get selected because there is a lot of competition and highly qualified people are there. Still, it made it to out to the top 10 list.

Top Freelancing Website# 8: PeoplePerHour

Top Freelancing Website# 9: Toptal:

Top Freelancing Website# 8:  Simply Hired:

Thus if you are new to this field and wish to excel in the same then choose any of the top ten platforms to give yourself a start.

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