Important Points To Consider While Shopping for a Laptop

Many of the things that a person must have to consider while shopping a laptop, two of the basic and most important features that everyone must have to pay special attention is the RAM and processor. There you can study few important features of both the items that will help you in making a better and fruitful selection.

Processor (CPU):

Intel is the largest maker of semiconductor in the world has started the transition process in quad core processors. Their series is branded like Corei3, corei5 and corei7. In case you are going for bargaining then the best choice for you is an older model of Core 2 but the better choice is to go to its new range. You can also choose a processor from the Intel opponent AMD that has a wide range of different products like Athlon II and Turion II. If you have a limited budget then these two processes are best to consider and serve you best in performing your various tasks. The one and main difference between the two is the processors manufactured by AMD are not as fast as that are manufactured by Intel and it is thought that they exhaust battery fast.

The important task is to consider the point how much the power of a processor you are in need of for doing your task. Mostly, it is believed that Core i3 and Core i5 are best for many of the people. In case you are dealing with more video editing work then you need to have a high power processor. Games lovers believe they need to have a powerful processor but in actual they can also be done with slower chip. Chip of quad core is still an expensive and also exhaust battery life very fast. One can also recognize quad core chip with the alphabet Q that is written next to the model number of the machine. For gamers and video editors quad chip is the most ideal thing to consider. Taking decision for a processor becomes trickier while you are placing an order for a custom made laptop. One important rule that you must have to take into consideration is, always avoid the expensive chipset and opt for a second or third least expensive chip. The high price is just the performance promotion. For simple net surfing and using word processing a processor of dual core is more than enough.

Memory (RAM):

Standard memory is 4GB RAM that is offered by many of the manufacturers. This is a standard range that even a low end laptop also comes with and that is what most of the people need. The laptop with 4GB RAM is available at quite affordable price. One can also upgrade the memory from time to time according to the need and the requirement. Upgrading up to 4GB costs you less while getting more than 4GB will cost you a higher price. Only those people need to upgrade their RAM when they are dealing with video editing but still one can cope with it when one compare the cost.

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