Merits and Demerits of Technology

At the present time no one can imagine life without the technology. We are surrounded by uncountable technologies which are helping people in living a luxurious life without any hassle. Many products have been developed by the advancement in technology even it gives new shape to the existing products as well. With technology people are getting everything, they can shop things by sitting at their home, can talk with their acquaintance no matter how far they are, can manage their business by sitting at any place of the world etc. But the usefulness is not limited here, there are many more. Although, technology has countless advantages but still there are some disadvantages as well.

Here, we are going to discuss the merits and demerits of technology.


Make life easy:

Technical machines are helping people in every phase of life. Like with bikes and cars people reach very quickly to their desired destination. Superfast trains and airplanes have cut down the distances between cities and even countries. The internet makes the access very easy and now people can get access to people overseas. One can send mail within a second, now people are doing instant chatting and video conferencing and can easily communicate with family and friends.

Save time:

Invention and advancement in technology save lots of time as everything gets fast and quick, like one can fly in no time at any place of the world. With computer and internet people can do their work in no time and can get information from any part of the world. Even people are doing business at global level just because of the development of technology which increases the earning and the success of the business.

Reduce the mistakes:

With the invention of advanced technology people are now making fewer mistakes as the machine works more accurately and proficiently. What you have to do, just set a program with the correct information and let the machine to play its role like in the manufacturing of automotive, mostly manufacturing companies used automotive machine that exactly follow the computer instruction or the operator and the work is done with perfection.


Now, comes to the disadvantages of the technology. As nowadays, most of the companies are using technology and machine which reduces the need of manpower and many of the people become jobless.

Similarly, women are no more hiring housemaid for the household chores because with the machine they get their work done easily and without any hassle. As for these machines owners paid only once while maid needs to pay every month. However, the machines seem to use and buy easily but once they get affected it needs much time to repair.

Similarly, with the internet and the development of many social networks and websites now, children can get access to every kind of material through the internet. The invention of interesting games has reduced the child’s attention from grounds and they spend hours and hours by sitting in front of the computer. It affect their eyesight and health because they totally eliminate those games which are good for health.

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