Questions to Ask Before Sending a Business email

(In no specific order)

  • Did I write this message while I was angry or upset?
  • Would I be happy for the whole world to read what I have written?
  • Would my supervisor approve of what I have written?
  • Do I feel good about sending this? What is my gut-feeling?
  • Have I used the standard message composition, including greeting, introduction, body, closing paragraph and signature?
  • Have I stuck to the e-mail writing conventions set out by Help Desk management?
  • Have I used the recipient’s surname in my greeting, have I spelt it correctly and used the right title?
  • Have I included a signature and signed my message with my own name?
  • Is there anything I can clean up to express my message briefly and more clearly?
  • Have I taken the trouble to build good will? Is my tone friendly, positive, helpful and respectful?
  • Have I read through the message to check for good grammar and spelling?
  • Have I avoided all jargon, jokes and colloquial language?
  • Have I avoided using overly technical and officious language?
  • Are requests for information and/or action clear?
  • Does the message stick to one topic, and have I included everything I meant to?
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