Top 10 Stylish Yet Functional Laptops For Girls

Ladies laptops are in these days. A large number of stylish and vibrant laptops are available in stores, either a young school girl is purchasing her first laptop, a working girl is buying one or even a mum want a laptop for their own entertainment or for her kids to play all day long. You can wander around stores and can easily hook on a pink laptop specially designed for ladies. However, the color is not just limited to pink in fact, blue, green, red and floral designs are among the hot favorites. This article will reveal the top laptops purely designed for ladies of all ages.

Top Laptops for Girls:

Top Laptop # 1.      HP Garden Dreams Pavilion DV5-2129WM

It has a mind-blowing design with entirely soft watercolor graphics and are especially designed for ladies who want to make a style statement and being noticed. It’s fascinating floral design just give a feel of spring season and make you feel good and relaxed.

Top Laptop # 2.      Dell Studio 15

This fantastic Dell laptop is available in myriad of design and colors offering an opportunity for the ladies to opt the one that best fits her personality. It costs $850.

Top Laptop # 3.      Sony VAIO VPCEA33FX/P

It is the perfect choice for the girls who want a perfect combination of performance and entertainment. It has a wide screen of 14 inches. However, before investing in Sony Vaio pink make sure that all the specification and features can cater your preferences and needs. It is a bit expensive and costs $932.

Top Laptop # 4.      MSI Wind U123

It is an attractive and functional laptop for all ladies and is available in myriad of colors. This model is famous among the feminine beauty because it mixes style with performance. Its long battery life makes it a good option for working ladies and for the women who travels a lot.

Top Laptop # 5.      SUS U33JC-A1 Bamboo

If you are very much conscious about your individuality, uniqueness and originality and urge for something remarkably different then SUS U33JC-A1 Bamboo is a perfect laptop for you. It looks attractive because of the bamboo finishing and offers a lot of specifications that worths your investment. This notebook is an apt option for business women.

Top Laptop # 6.      ASUS Eee PC 1008P (Hot Pink)

This model is famous among ladies because of its stylish genuine leather lid which gives a dramatic stylish look not only to the laptop but, boosts the overall charisma of the user.

Though, it is a costly laptop but, its style, features and specification worths your money.

Top Laptop # 7.      Disney Netpal by ASUS

This laptop is specially designed for little girls and the manufacturers has added stylish and unique Disney interfaces that works awesome with the OS. They have also included some parental control features, fun kid themes and the best thing is it has WI-FI as well. Thus, make an ideal choice or teen girls.

Top Laptop # 8.      HP Mini 210-1099SE Vivienne Tam Edition

It is a beautiful addition in the HP family and girls will definitely appreciate it not because of the beautiful butterfly on the back but, because of its functionality as well.

Top Laptop # 9.      Sony VAIO VPCP113KX/P

The most outstanding and highly appreciated model for all girls. It has an 8 inches LCD, 2GB RAM, Bluetooth, Webcam, 128GB SSD, headphones and countless features that make it irresistible for ladies.

Top Laptop # 10.  MacBook Air 11” (MC506):

If you are in the hunt of a portable laptop model then this is the one you are searching for. It is just 4.86mm thick and is light in weight i.e. 0.76 pounds only. Moreover, it gives a real notebook look and is easy to carry along anywhere anytime. It costs $1149.

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