Top 4 Cell Phones For Senior Citizens or Elderly People – Phone Reviews

We always read and talk about fancy cell phones for the younger lot. But, there are marvelous cell phones for senior citizens as well. Though, the choices are limited but, some of the remarkable options are as follows.

Top Cell Phone for Senior Citizens 1: Snapfon Ez One

This is the ideal phone explicitly designed for senior citizens. The prominent distinguishing feature is the large button on the front of the cell phone. It is easy to use, large and easy to activate. Another striking feature is it is combined with a huge LCD screen and marvelous earpiece volume that makes this phone an optimum choice. It also has an SOS button that is used to connect automatically with an emergency number. This attribute makes it an ideal option for the senior citizens feeling trouble with movement. They can easily press the button in case of emergency situation.  It is a GSM phone and work with number of SIM card carriers. It supports text and voice communication aptly.  It only costs $59.9 pucks.

Top Cell Phone for Senior Citizens 2: Doro 410

Another best phone for the senior citizens is Doro 410. It is sleeker and smaller than Ez One. It is a flip cell phone with very smooth edges that makes it easier to take in and of the pocket. It is quite normal and simple with all the features. It has larger keys and the text size is larger than normal phones. It also has an Emergency SOS key though, is a bit trickier than Ez one. It also has Bluetooth feature. It costs only $69.9, and is a GSM phone supports the networks associated with AT&T. One can unlock it but, it may need some efforts.

Top Cell Phone for Senior Citizens 3: Samsung Jitterbug

This phone has been in the gadget market since long and has enjoyed marvelous reviews from senior citizens. It has a jelly bean type design and has an interior with large and open button. It also has a large LCD that represents texts bigger. It is associated with a perfect carrier named as the GreatCall. The user can call the GreatCall and make use of it as personal operator. Let’s for instance you want to add an event you just have to make a call to an operator, tell the details and they will add the event for you. Other features are voice dialing, Bluetooth and SOS.  Though, this phone is a bit more difficult than others but, is more stylish and embraces more features. It costs only $65.

Top Cell Phone for Senior Citizens 4: Nokia C2-0.15

However, it is not ideally designed for the seniors, but has various easy and appealing features. It has easy interface and layout with large display and keys. It also offers more functionality and also has a camera for entertainment.  It has excellent call and text quality. Basic texting is easy as well and it also supports Bluetooth. It is much better than many phones in this range and can be used by senior citizens as well. It costs only $90 and is a GSM phone and supports several carriers across the globe.

All the above motion phones are the ideal choice for the senior citizens.

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