Top Beauty Apps For All

Beauty is loved and appreciated by everyone especially the feminine power can’t resist it. That is the reason behind the growing popularity of beauty apps. These apps are designed to diagnose and suggest some remedial measure for various skin issues and to suggest perfect makeup colors according to your skin tone. You might complain that all the basic beauty apps cover and understand few basic facial problems and coloring basics. However, following are some of the top beauty apps that work wonders for all.
It has a theme similar to Pinterest but, this app is utterly dedicated to hair. Stylist across the globe submit thousands of new hairstyles and one can pin them according to her favorites. All your favorites will then go to a personalized portfolio that is transferable automatically from phone to computer and vice versa. You can keep a track on all latest hair do’s at your phone and can be accessed easily whether you are at home or in a saloon. This app is entirely free and is available for Android and iPhone.
Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio
Girls always urge to have an amazing flawless makeup irrespective of the event and occasion. Some of the girls even don’t know about makeup applications and are totally dumb when it is about makeup and colors. This app offers a series of easy stepwise tutorial and make you learn how to do flawless makeup. Moreover, this app also features remedial measures for common skin problems and  makeup mistakes. It also helps in finding the perfect shade for lips and eyes. This app also shows closest outlets where you can buy your favorite makeup product. It is also free and is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.
My Own App
No one is sure and confident about her skin but, with “My Own App” you can measure up your skin care. You just have to upload a photo and this app will analyze the fine lines, wrinkles, pigment percentage and other aging spots. All these measures will be compared with other girls of your age. Upon this evaluation you will get a clear comparison between your submitted photo and the photo what you will be after following the recommended  wellness regimen and skin care tips. This app is only for Apple lovers.
Many of the girls don’t have appointment with great dermatologists because of so many reasons. One of the prominent reasons is most of the people can’t afford dermatologist but, with this app you don’t have to travel to any dermatologist. This app is designed by Doctor Kathy field and Katie Rodan. The app aims to solve your skin issues no matter, wherever you may live. You just have to fill the simple questionnaire followed that upload a makeup-less picture of yours. This app offers suggestions to your skin problems and helps in correcting them like a personal dermatologist. Android didn’t support PerSKINality.

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