Top Free Antivirus Software Programs

One malicious virus can easily expose the financial information or can stop the working of your computer all. So, for this what you actually needed is a best antivirus software for your computer. Luckily, few of the best antivirus software are completely free. Many of the well known companies provides a free version of their famous antivirus software for home computers. And their upgraded version is available with advanced features that are more useful for business and professional users. There are few better trails and antivirus programs that are the best and are completely available free like McAfee Norton.

Antivirus free from AVG

AVG-Antivirus free one of the useful antivirus software that is freely available. It is a complete antispyware and antivirus tool which includes a link scanner, email scanner, automatic updates and also option for scheduling and many more. You no need to pay for antivirus software when such wonderful free tools are available. You just have to download it.  It works well on Window Vista, Window 2000, Windows XP and Window 7. The innumerable premium features, updating frequently make it the best antivirus software, download it and install it on your system.

AVAST- free anti virus software:

It is a free antivirus software that deserves to be included in the list of best free antivirus software. AVAST has free antispyware and antivirus that are fully functioning engine that protects your computers from viruses that comes from the emails, file and mainly from the internet and even can also come from instant messages. It supports windows vista, windows 2000, windows 7 and window XP. The main reason to include this software in the best free antivirus software is due to its heuristic engine that will detect all the malware and unknown viruses. Another fact about it is AVAST manufacturing this software since 1988 and is marked as one of the most downloaded free antivirus software. While installing this software they will offer you an option of installing Google chrome browser but it is not required so, uncheck this box, you need to register AVAST that will allow you to use it after 30 days and you will have to register yourself per year.

Microsoft security essentials:

This is one of the wonderful free antivirus software, although Microsoft is new in the game of antivirus software but you need not to worry because it is a fantastic program that provide you protection from all kinds of malware, it automatically update and is amazingly easy and simple to use.

This software supports Windows vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. There are two reasons to add this software in the list of best software one it is directly linked to Microsoft and second its very easy to see if your computer is on threat as the icon next to clock turns green means you are right and it turns red then something Is going wrong.

Comodo antivirus:

It is one of the wonderful program of Comodo security solution. It created its good name in the market because of the technology and defense proprietary. It provides protection against various threats and works like all other free antivirus software, it supports Windows XP, windows vista and windows 7. It also uses some more technologies to make the process silent but it is very effective.

Avira AntiVir Personal:

It protects your computer from Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses and many other malware. It is a full functional antivirus tool and support Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and windows XP. The Avira AntiVire personal’s malware scope make it the best antivirus software. But the ease of use increases its value. You will be asked for the registration but ignore it and proceed your installation.

Panda cloud antivirus:

It provides protection from various threats, Trojan, malware, viruses and many more. What feature makes it the best software is it works from the cloud it means a hard antivirus that will slow down the computer, it will work on windows vista, windows XP and windows 7.

Immunet protect free:

It is one of the unique and is a cloud based program. It is much like a panda cloud antivirus, it will protect your system from worms, keyloggers, viruses, spyware and Trojan. It supports Windows vista, window 7, window XP. You have to connect with internet all the time. It is a wonderful antivirus software because of many reasons, you no need to update it, it is free from telephone support and can be work best will all the other antivirus software mentioned above.

Digital defender antivirus:

It is not as much popular like all the others mentioned above but it is as efficient and effective as all the above software. It updates on a regular basis and is wonderful spyware and antivirus software. It works on windows XP, 7 and vista as well.

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