Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

After the launch of laptop the best part considered about this gadget was its mobility that is; to use it anywhere you want. At home, in office, while travelling etc. But the constant challenge to it was its battery life. This is one of the biggest concerns all the laptop users face since years.

Many times, you must have gone through a situation when your laptop deceased and you are at a crucial situation doing any of your important tasks. Off course you are not the only one to face such situation. It happens to many of us a number of times and this is the reason why we can see laptop has started losing its charm since one finds it quite difficult rushing for power supply all the times. We cannot do much with the laptop battery itself but all we can do is to improve the utility of the gadget to be able to extend the battery life. By implementing some of the recommendations we can lengthen the battery time.

  • Defragment Your Hard Disk:  By defragging your hard disk your laptop will use fewer resources while dragging files and hence will use less battery.
  • Disable Useless Programs From Startup: There are a number of programs which automatically run when you boot your system. These programs can be Microsoft office suites etc. You can even turn off anti-virus if you need not to log on to internet or till the time you do not connect to internet.
  • Use AC/adapter: One should use AC/adapter through wall plug whenever possible. This is quite an obvious thing but some of the laptop users are so much used to portable computing that they do not bother to make use of a nearby power plug especially when at home.
  • Make Use of Secondary means: Some tasks such as uploading music videos etc to iPods or some other devices which require USB to be used require a lot of battery power. It is advisable to perform such tasks through AC adaptor rather than using laptop battery itself.
  • Reduce LCD Display Brightness: Most of the laptops do have option to adjust display screen brightness range. In some of the laptops, by reducing LCD’s display brightness lessens the CPU’s operating recurrence rate as well thus improves laptop battery life.
  • Maintain Laptop Temperature: Always make sure that your laptop does not exceed its recommended temperature. For that you should always read the manual properly and follow the instructions regarding temperature ranges. When due to continuous usage your laptop becomes hot turn it off for a while to let it cool down. There are cooling devices available; you can use them such as laptop cooling trays and pads to make sure that your laptop does not get hot and therefore not use extra battery juice.
  • Use Power Saving Features: There is a need to take care of a fundamental point that is; to use hibernate mode instead of standby mode because standby mode still uses laptop battery.
  • Battery Charging: It is advisable to charge your laptop battery to 100% and then consume all of it and then recharge it.
  • Don’t Use Unnecessary Programs: By keeping unnecessary programs running will need more system resources and thus will require more battery power. Try to open only those programs which you need to work on and avoid all the unnecessary programs to preserve system resources.

Thus by following above mentioned tips and suggestions you can not only increase your laptop’s battery life but also can work efficiently without making your system slow. You need to shut down the fancy graphic drivers and need to follow all other power saving tips to improve your laptop’s performance and battery life as well.

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