What are the Top Advantages And Disadvantages of iPhone 5 ?

Every other day our ears are enchanted with a new marvelous addition in gadgets. The best thing is still the love for technology and gadgets never fade in fact, it is touching the heights of growth and popularity. It will not be wrong to say the latest craze is iPhone 5. No doubt, iPhone has introduced the smartphone market and is considered as the benchmark for others. The other brands are catching up and that’s called competition. Whatever might be the reason we all urge to carry remarkable technology pieces that serve us the best both in terms of looks and functionality.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has hosted the latest iOS version, and the new, faster and smarter apple version named as A6. Some of the features are changed or enhanced in a better way. Taller but not the wider screen beautifully housed all extra rows of apps and has much better color resolution. Apple has increased and maintained its uniqueness in Apple iPhone 5 which is highly essential in todays, crowded gadget market.

Doubtlessly, iPhone 5 is a tremendous machine and is pretty in line with the expectations but, the android and windows give a tougher competition to Apple. However, apart from functionality and looks the choice of Smartphone selection depends on some other factors. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 5

What are the Advantages of iPhone 5 ?

  • It is cool and elegant in looks and is much thinner and lighter than the competitors.
  • Having better iTunes and everything is sleeker and incorporates lots of best software.
  • FaceTime and Facebook integration is awesome. Apple Passbook is the best and most alluring addition. It is a kind of electronic wallet whose acceptance depends on retailers and the merchants getting on the board.
  • Apps and apps and apps, Apple offers countless apps in iPhone 5.
  • Availability is great and price isn’t high in comparison with its stunning features.
  • Offers faster and better connectivity

What are the Disadvantages of iPhone 5 ?

  • The biggest disadvantage is it has no SIM card slot.
  • Its new adaptor will irritate countless people and it has low battery life as compared to its rival.
  • Falling Google Maps, it works marvelous in the major Metropolitan US areas, but, not in other areas like Australia.
  • Though, small is best, but, it has limit the screen size. Apple is best in increasing the screen height but, the rivals also has launched phone with significant larger screen.
  • It lacks the headphone jack thus, creating the problem for those having no Bluetooth capabilities in their vehicles.
  • Nano SIM. iPhone 4 and 4S have the micro SIM and the iPhone 5 comes with nano SIM. The micro SIM can be swapped easily while upgrading pictures, contacts and other things. But, you can’t do it with iPhone 5 and may lead to data loss for people not using the iCloud feature.

At the day end, it’s the Apple ecosystem and company’s reputation that keeps people stick to Apple. People love the range of applications and integrations with the iTunes.  Though, people love iPhone but, Apple has to face a harder time in convincing smartphone users with its advantages because the competition is fierce now.

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