Arts and Crafts in Pakistan

Punjab is the center of economy in Pakistan.  The manufacturing industry is likewise a major player in Punjab and in Pakistan economy.  Because of this fact, arts and crafts creations in and around Pakistan is always of high quality, elegant and beautiful.

Arts and crafts in Punjab are divided in two different and distinct types. While it may be true that in some points they are overlapping, there are differences and you may find them here.

Two types of arts and crafts in Punjab

  • Crafts produced in rural areas
  • Royal crafts found in urban centers

What are the crafts produced in rural areas?

The crafts produced in the highlands and other rural areas in Punjab are textiles, basketry, embroidery, pottery and other wood works.

Weavers in the rural areas produce colorful fabrics like silk and cotton.

Cloth woven on handlooms with beautiful prints is embroidered in the rural areas as well.

Pottery products are likewise produced from rural areas.  While those pottery products produced in the rural areas are popular for their traditional designs, modern glamour is likewise being included in the creations of the Punjabis.  The modern designs are made through painting by fire and other special processes to ensure that while products are traditional, they will represent modernity as well.

It is also very common to see blue glazed pottery that traces is origin from Persian influence from the crafts produced in rural areas.

Chiniot on the other hand is the center of woodcarving in Punjab.  While there are likewise popular wood carvers in Lahore, more of the intricate products come from Chiniot and Guirat.

Wood carved furnitures with brass and iron inlay are additional making waves with regards to the popularity of Pakistan furniture.

There are other crafts produced in rural areas but the above list is some of the important and popular crafts.

What are the royal crafts found in urban centers?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, intricate wood works and furnitures are important crafts found in Lahore.

Handmade carpets of Persian design and beautiful colors are likewise found in the urban centers.

Architectural crafts made out of ivory, silver and gold are popular in urban areas like in Lahore.

Paintings and landscapes are likewise arts and crafts found in the urban areas.  While admittedly some may have come from creations by rural area designers, it is in Lahore that these important arts and crafts are found and flourishing.

Pakistan arts and crafts come in many different forms and thus women love to have them in their home.  The lovers of Pakistan arts and crafts do not come from Pakistan and neighboring countries alone but Pakistan arts and crafts are popular world wide.

It is thus common to find these beautiful and elegant arts and crafts products in most brick and mortar stores worldwide and even in arts and crafts websites.

Finding Pakistan arts and crafts products is not difficult because of its wide distribution; you will therefore enjoy the beautiful designs wherever you are.

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