Distance Learning Education in Pakistan – What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a mode of education in which, student gets their formal education while remain at home. Distance learning has been taking place from quite some time now. Students or individual who want to have their educational background increase without disturbing their normal routine opted for this type of education. Drop out students, office workers, old age people, laborers and other group of people who want to get educated gets benefitted from this type of learning.

Distance learning is the kind of education that doesn’t require any time or location while the students remain isolated in their comfort zone. Teachers with the aid of technology deliver material of course to the student and give assignments as well. Students while remain at their home, completed their assignment and sends back to the teacher with the same source or written assignments can sent via couriers.

Distance learning is one of the fastest growing domestic and international educations. Students remain separated by the teacher. They remain home and free to work any time of the day. Technology is being used by both teachers and students which provide extra comforts to both. The learning hours are also flexible so that students can learn more and more. Any single individual of the society can be taught with this kind of education.

Universities who offer distance education or distance learning are called as “Open Universities”. These open universities are offering vide range of courses so that every single individual gets benefit from this education.

Distance learning in Pakistan

In Pakistan distance learning is also very common and is being offered by number of different institutes and universities. Few of them are:

  • Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)
  • Pakistan Montessori Council (PMC)
  • Professional Institute of Pakistan (PIP)
  • Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies (PIMS)
  • Virtual University (VU)
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU)
  • Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB)
  • National Institute of Modern Language and Sciences (NIMLS)

Among all Allama Iqbal Open University was the pioneer in distance learning or Distance Education not only Pakistan but in Asia and the rest of the world. Founded in May 1974, make it the first Open University of Asia or Africa and 2nd in the world. First Open University was developed in UK in 1960s. After the success of the state owned Open University, numbers of open universities were established to provide education to the masses especially women at their doorstep.

The most recent opened Open University in Pakistan is Virtual University which is also owned by the government of Pakistan. University was founded in 2002 and since its existence the university is giving quality education to the masses of Pakistan. University is offering its courses in more than 60 cities of Pakistan and is associated with number of institutions to provide quality education.

The plus point of all these distance educational institutes or Open Universities in Pakistan that not only they are offering vide variety of courses but the fee structure of these institutes and universities are kept within the reach of every single individual of the country.


  • Distance learning is a quality education which can be compare with any other formal educational institute or university in the country.
  • They offer a number of courses that are the need of the hour to meet the needs of student in their working fields.
  • These universities are giving this quality education at a very reasonable price so that every individual in the society can avail this opportunity.
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