Top 10 Pakistani TV Dramas – List of All Time Best Plays/ Serials

These days Pakistani TV channels are flooded with dramas. Some dramas are popular and some are less popular but most of them have gloomy story lines. We are living on the part of the world that is full of depression and by watching such dramas makes things worse. I am not saying that there were no weepy dramas in past but element of humor was there. Now the writers and producers are forgetting that we need some good humor too. We watch dramas not only to relate our stories with the gloomy heroine of the drama but we want entertainment also.

I better stop criticizing present dramas. I might have no right to do so. Where was I, yes the top 10 Pakistani TV Dramas of all time. My list includes all the formats like, soap, serials, teleplay, long play etc. this list might include those plays which comes under the heading of unseen dramas, especially for those who are still cherishing the very phase of adolescence.

Top 10 Pakistani TV Dramas:

  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 1: Khuda ki basti (blast from the past) it was a block buster drama. Khuda ki basti was a block buster drama. It was dramatized for two times. First time in 1969 and then in 1974. Zaheen tahira and qazi wajid performed so well in the drama that their roles have attained the level of immortality. Unconventional subject was the real spice of the drama. It had gained popularity not only in Pakistan but in Europe too. Behroz zabzvari gave his first appearance in khuda ki basti and it was the turning point of his career. The drama took him to the zenith of success and glory.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 2: Ankahi (unforgettable story) an adorable drama. All the characters had played their roles so beautifully and intelligently. It was the first play of shoib mansoor. He proved his worth by presenting a matchless drama of all times. Shahnaz sheik, jamsheid ansari and saleem nasir really acted their hearts out. Family love had given life in shape of ankhai.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 3: Dhoop kinarey (story of two hearts) true embodiment of love. People started fascinating the very concept of love by watching marina khan and rahat kazmi in dhoop kinarey. It was considered as one of the best plays of 80’s. The comic performance laed by sajjid Hassan is beyond words.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 4: Aanch (all is well if end is well)unforgettable drama serial and an ever green play. This was the story of a father whose children were not at all ready to accept their new mother. Shugfta ihaz had justified her role very beautifully.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 5: Alpha bravo Charlie (story of love and honor) it was the master piece of shoib mansoor. Shahnaz sheik really did a splendid job and she had become the eye candy of every men of that time. Beautiful amalgam of love and honor. Alpha bravo Charlie had given a new life to Pakistani youth. All the four leads did their best.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 6: Tanhayaan(top spot) it was the drama that kept the audience locked to the screen. It was another drama with beautifully written dialogues that were sweet and sour at the same time. marina khan, bheroz sbzwari and shahnaz sheik gave life to their characters. It is still difficult for the audience to get out of the trance created by tanhayaan.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 7: Sona chandi (purity and innocence) the story revolved around a couple who left their village for good. Their experience with the selfish people of city was wonderfully shown in the drama. Hamid rana and sheba arshad had added to the beauty of the play.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 8: Nijaat( mingling of humor and pathos)the story was difficult to handle. So many issues were going side by side. But sahira kazmi nailed it so beautifully and succeeded to grab the attention of the viewers throughout the serial. The drama started with family planning issues than child abusing etc etc. the story of the drama was so absorbing. Atiqa odho, huma nawab, sajid Hassan everyone gave their best performance in the drama. Realistic topic and natural acting has made it one of the best dramas in the history of Pakistani dramas.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 9: Kaid e tanhai (a majestic love story) it was a novel based drama serial. Viewers enjoyed each and every dialogue of the drama from first episode to the last one. Sawera nadeem and faisal qureshi once again succeeded to win their viewers hearts by their mind blowing acting.
  • Top Pakistani TV Drama 10: Hum safar (love never dies) it is the greatest hit of recent times. It is a life story of a husband and wife. Misunderstanding were created by many people to end the relationship but good won and evil lost. All is well if end is well. Happy ending has given a new life to the drama. Beautiful cast and well written story added to the beauty of the serial. Viewers got a chance to enjoy a wonderful drama like humsafar long after the drama serial dhoop kinarey.

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