List of Top Famous Pakistani Singers

Pakistan is proud to have enormous singing talent with a couple of music legends. The most of the Pakistani singers are versatile and capable of singing in multiple languages. Most of Pakistani singers are adored all over the world for their musical achievements. Some of them have been invited by the neighborhood country India to perform on their homeland in recognition of their singing talent. Here several Pakistani singers of old and new era have been enlisted:

  • Noor Jehan, titled Malika-e-Taranum meaning Queen of Melody is a singing legend. She started her singing career in India but migrated to Pakistan after division of subcontinent. She had been awarded Presidential Award among many other prestigious awards in recognition for her singing efforts.
  • Mehnaz is a versatile singer particularly famous for ghazals and playback signing. She sang for numerous films and achieved great fame.
  • Naheed Akhtar is another popular Pakistani female singer who made a big name in playback singing. She was brought to limelight when Runa Laila, another Pakistani singer left the country. Since then, Naheed Akhtar had been achieving huge fame for her playback signing for Pakistani movies.
  • Nayyara Noor, a recipient of Nigar Award and a couple of gold medals for singing competitions, is Pakistani playback singer. She is significantly famous for singing Ghazals and has sung duets with legends like Mehdi Hassan.
  • Naseem Begum, initially recognized as ‘Second Noor Jehan’ was a popular Pakistani playback singer. Recipient of Nigar Award and other esteemed awards, Naseem Begum mastered in semi-classical music. She died young but remained a pleasant memory for times to come.
  • Shabnum Majeed is a famous playback singer who is recently signing for drama title songs and Lollywood films. She has a sweet melodious voice which differentiates her among female singers of her time.
  • Mehdi Hassan, a Pakistani singing legend is known by many as ‘King of Ghazal’. He had been bestowed with Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance for his musical endeavors. His singing talent had been recognized all over the world.
  • Salim Raza was a famous Pakistani male playback singer who achieved great fame due to his flair for singing tragic songs. He was later on forced to a setback in music career due to the emergence of other competitors in Pakistani Music industry.
  • Ahmed Rushdi, one of the competitors of the famous singer Salim Raza, was a capable of singing high notes with natural ease. He sang the National Anthem of Pakistan and got Sitaria-e-Imtiaz for his achievements. He is still known for his versatile singing style and pop hit ‘Ko-Ko-Ko reena’.
  • A Nayyar belonged to the same era as Ahmed Rushdi and Salim Raza and considered Rushdi as his teacher. He gained enormous popularity because of his playback singing.
  • Waris Baig another playback singer from Pakistan got huge fame when he sang his maiden song in a super-hit Pakistani film Sangam. He continues to please people through his melodious voice.

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