List of Top Pakistani English Newspapers

The world is turning into a global village. It is very easy to know that what is happening on the other parts of the world. A newspaper worth a few rupees interact us with other parts of the planet. From international news to media world everything can be enjoyed by reading a single newspaper. Nothing is away from our sight. Now we can understand politics of the world because we read newspaper every day. Now world has squeezed into a mere piece of paper. Like other countries Pakistan is doing great when it comes to journalism. As Pakistan believes on the freedom of speech that is the reason journalist feel free to bring truth in lime light. Because of globalization people accept only one thing and that is truth. so the competition among the newspapers is increasing. everyone wants to give a new news to the public.The top newspapers of Pakistan are the following:.

Top Pakistani English Newspapers: 

  • The News: is the second largest English newspaper of Pakistan. It weekly circulation is 140000. It is published from all the main cities of Pakistan like, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore and outside the country it published from London and Qatar. Validity of news and entertainment has made the newspaper one of the most popular newspapers. The US magazine that comes with it on every Friday is a treat for the youth. It has entertainment, knowledge and fun.
  • The Nation: is internationally most quoted English newspaper of Pakistan. it was first launched by Arif Nizami at the end of 1986. It is competitor of both Dawn and The News. It also has a daily feature section which covers showbiz world, literature, performing arts and entertainment,. It also has a Young nation section for the young readers. The magazine that comes with it on Sunday by the name of Sunday plus is liked by a lot of the readers. Many people buy The Nation on Sunday only in order to enjoy the magazine.
  • Dawn: is the oldest and widely read newspaper of Pakistan. It was found by Quaid e azam in 1941 in Dehli. It has always supported controversial leftist social agendas. People trust the newspaper. They know whatever Dawn share with them is nothing but truth.  Presently, Abbas Nasir is the editor of Dawn and Hameed Haroon is working as the CEO of the newspaper. The weekly circulation of Dawn is about 138000.
  • The Daily Times: again it is one of the popular newspapers of Pakistan. First published on 9 April 2002. The newspaper is basically owned by the late governor. The newspaper faced criticism some times because of some of the articles published in it. The Daily Times always advocates liberal and secular ideas.  With passage of time the newspaper is gaining popularity.
  • Pakistan Today: it is the English newspaper of Pakistan. it is published by Nawa Media Corporations from three cities of Pakistan namely Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. it is also gaining popularity and people trust its news.
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