Must Visit Places in Rawalpindi, Pakistan – Tourist Attractions in Rawalpindi

Pakistan is one of those countries in South Asia which has been blessed with natural beauty and there are numbers of naturally rich and amazingly beautiful places in Pakistan. The four provinces have their own individual specialty and once tourists used to visit many of the beautiful places in Pakistan. Nowadays a gradual decline in the numbers of tourists has been observed due to security concerns. Foreigners avoid visiting Pakistan but still the beauty of different northern areas and other places in the country are continuously as beautiful as they used to be.

Particularly if we talk about the capital city of Pakistan that is; Islamabad is a naturally rich and an extremely beautiful place to be visited. So is the neighboring city Rawalpindi aka Pindi.  It is a bustling town strategically located between the Punjab and Azad Kashmir. It has a strong colonial influence and holds a large military cantonment with the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. To locals, it is simply known as “Pindi”.
There are numbers of places to be visited in Rawalpindi. Many of the visitors whether nationals or foreigners love visiting this busy city. The city has to offer so much for all. If you are planning to visit Rawalpindi with your kids and family you definitely will love this place and with so many attractions your kids will simply love and enjoy their trip. One of the best places to be visited in Rawalpindi is Ayub National Park. One of the oldest parks in the city but has to offer so many things to the visitors. A small zoo having so many beautiful and rarely found birds and animals surely allure kids and elders. Recreational area for them to enjoy swings and food as well simply can make the visit a marvelous and memorable one.

Another good place is Jinnah Park, one of the most beautiful places in the city. Kids love this place and it is surely a great place to be visited offering so many attractions for all the visitors. A highly advanced cinema house, in fact the best one in the town is within the parameters of Jinnah Park, some great food chains, boutiques, restaurants and other colorful and attractive activities help make this place an amazing one for all to enjoy and relax in a natural environment.

Liaqat Park is also one of the most beautiful parks in the city with a beautiful jogging track, a big play ground and so many beautiful trees and bushes make this place so relaxing and calming for those visiting. Another great thing about this park is that is situated close by the famous China market and Raja Bazar of Rawalpindi. SO the ones interested in shopping can visit these markets as well when they visit Liaqat Park.

Some of the famous markets for shopping fanatics in Rawalpindi are Saddar, commercial market, Moti bazaar and so many others. For all those who love to shop can visit these markets to enjoy and find out something for what they desire.

Another great place to be visited in Rawalpindi is Rawalpindi golf club. This is a place full of lush green golf ground. A lovely place for nature lovers and golf players too.

So the ones visiting this beautiful city for the first time will have so much to enjoy and will surely like to visit this wonderful city of Pakistan of hospitable and welcoming people.

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