Jahangir Khan, Pakistani Player- The Legend of Squash

Jehangir Khan is a famous name in the world of Squash. Jehangir Khan is regarded as the best player of squash all over the world. Jehangir Khan the famous player of squash was born in Pakistan in the year 1963. Jehangir Khan has a prolonged successful career in the game of squash and he has added pride to the country of Pakistan. He has a prominent name in the history of squash and he is embraced as the number one player who has played professionally well during his career. The peak time of his career began from the year 1981 and he successfully won one by one squash matches. Jehangir Khan till the year 1986 was thought to be as such a player who couldn’t be defeated in the squash world. Now the famous player Jehangir Khan lives in Karachi.

The overall glimpse of Jehangir Khan’s successful career is that he made the Pakistani nation proud several times. The most remarkable achievement of him is that he succeeded 6 times the World Open. He also has a prominent record in winning the British Open for 10 times. Due to his tremendous achievements his name was also been mentioned in the “Guinness Books”. In total during the peak time of his career he succeeded in winning 555 matches one by one in the squash game. After a successful career in squash Jehangir Khan gracefully retired in 1993 from the squash world. Before his retirement he made Pakistan proud by winning World Championship which was held in Karachi. Apart from his apparent achievements in the squash game world he was also honored by the country of Pakistan with a trophy of “Hilal-e-Imtiaz” due to his efforts in the squash game and for making the country proud due to his immense achievements. The Pakistani government fully appreciated the efforts of Jehangir Khan in the Squash world and also gave him the identify of “the Millennium’s Sportsman”.  He was also given trophy of appreciation of “Pride of Performance” by the Pakistani government. His achievements in  Squash has also been highly appreciated all over the world and he was even recognized as the hero of Asia by a famous magazine. Jehangir Khan’s Career was also appreciated by a university in London and they honored him by providing him doctorate due to his due part played in sports. Jehangir Khan even after his retirement served the “Squash Association” as an elected chairman. He also served “Squash Federation” of Pakistan as a vice-president.

The prolonged career of Jehangir Khan has made the Pakistani nation proud and he has a significant name in the history of squash all over the world. He has been honored and rewarded multiple trophies and titles from various platforms in Pakistan and all over the world. Jehangir Khan passion’s and love for squash can be tracked from his career. He has played well professionally and has made an everlasting impact in the squash world. Even after his retirement from the game as a player, he still devoted himself in serving his country by rendering his services in organizations devoted to the squash game.

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