Pakistan Women Hockey Team

Pakistan Women Hockey Team (Updated October 2017)

  • Ambreen ArshadPakistan Women Hockey Team
  • Amina Ghaffar
  • Hina Pervaiz
  • Ibra Sheikh
  • Kalsoom Shehzadi
  • Ishrat Abbas
  • Ayesha Rafiq
  • Zakia Nawaz
  • Saira Ashraf
  • Taskeen Kausar
  • Zaib-un-Nisa
  • Iqra Javed
  • Hamra Latif
  • Sahrish Waheed

Pakistan Women Hockey Team (Updated December 2010)

  • Saman Rasheed
  • Razia Malik
  • Lina Afroz
  • Tehsin Safdar
  • Aqeela Nasim
  • Saima Afzal
  • Ndia Kazim Ali
  • Uzma Lal
  • Asia Saddique
  • Amna Mira
  • Amna Awan
  • Rabia Qadir
  • Azra Nasir
  • Neelum Hassan
  • Sonia Khan
  • Rizwana Yasmeen
  • Benish Hayat
  • Iram Bukhari
  • Rabia Sarwar
  • Snam Yousaf
  • Saman Islam
  • Sidra Younas
  • Shumaila Hafeez
  • Aneela Khan


Interview with Saman Rashid – Goal-keeper of Pakistan Women Hockey Team

FULL NAME: Saman Rashid


TOURNAMENTS WITH NATIONAL TEAM: Pakistan Vs Kazikistan in Lahore(2004) and Asian Games Qualifying Round in Malaysia(2006)

MAJOR NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS: 6 National Championships, 2 National Games,2 Chief Minister Gold Cup Hockey Tournament, All Pakistan Fatima Jinnah Hockey Tournament, All Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup, Inter-university Hockey Championships, All Pakistan Inter-board Hockey Championship


DEPARTMENTAL TEAM: Pakistan Railways and Pakistan Wapda

Q: What made you choose your position as Goalkeeper?

Well I always found goalkeepers to be the most important players of their team and the most daring and courageous ones, plus when I was a kid I used to watch hockey matches and was fascinated by goalkeeper saves so I decided to be one too.

Q: What makes a good goalkeeper?

Good concentration, motivation, a good coach and loads of hard work.

Q: What are the most important thing to train as Goalkeeper?

Well in my opinion, Keepers need to be agile, have quick reactions, reflexes and concentration. These are the two most important things to be a good keeper.

Q: What are your aspirations/goals as a player?

Well my biggest goals are to represent my country as frequent as possible and to bring the Pakistan Team in one of the top teams of the world.

Q: Is it difficult to make a living playing hockey in Pakistan?

Well for girls it is, I mean there are only a few departmental teams but still those teams are trying their level best to do what they can for hockey players.

Q: Is it difficult to play hockey and work/study in Pakistan?

No, it’s easy to manage both of them, even if we miss something due to a tournament we could work hard and catch up.

Q: Strengths of your game?
My positive attitude, support from family and friends and good coaching.

Q: Weaknesses of your game?
I loose my temper quite easily hahaha.

Q: What is your favorite hockey memory?
Well it was during Asian Games Qualifying Round, although conceding quite a few goals my performance was good and everyone praised me and I myself was satisfied that I had played my heart out. Also, in the National Games when I lead Railway to victory against Wapda during Penalty strokes.

Q: And your worst memory?

Losing  the National Championship in extra time.

Q: Which is the most dominant team in women world hockey?


Q: Any suggestion to improve standard of women hockey in Pakistan?

Frequent Tournaments and Hockey Camps.

Q: How many caps for Pakistan?

9 Caps.

Q: How many hours a week do you train?

14 hours.

Q: How long do you plan to play hockey for?

Till I can perform up to the mark.

Q: Any advice for an aspiring young hockey player?

Well they should work hard, have a lot of motivation and should take hockey seriously to be a good player.

Q: What are the training conditions like in Pakistan?

When there is a forthcoming tournament we train quite well and obviously when there is no tournament players are on their own to play.

In March 2012 PHF- Pakistan Hockey Federation announced to start women hockey team academy in Pakistan. A women hockey academy had been launched in Lahore. The trained and qualified team was decided to participate in Asian games held in Bangkok in 2010. The appointed women secretary was Tanzeela Aamer Cheema who assured in conference held at hockey stadium of the trials being completed by April 3 and 50 players from all over Pakistan of different age groups. She said that the women hockey team would participate in Asian Games. The camp of women hockey team began from April 15 as the trials were completed by April 10.

Zahid sharif was the couch and initially 30 members were selected to participate in the campaign. Zaibunnisa and Razia Malik were assisting the couch and training the women. Other important members are:

–       Barrister Shahida Jamil ( President women wing)

–       Parveen Sikander Gill ( Sec. women wing)

–       Dr. Bushra Mateen (president Punjab women association)

–       Shaista Jabeen ( Sec.sindh)

–       Ghazala Tariq (camp commandant)

–       Mushtaq Ahmad (assistant couch)

–       Jalil Ahmad Chohan (Assistant couch)

–       Humera Masroor ( Umpire)

–       Rahat Khan (Umpire)

–       Razia Rizvi (Umpire)

Pakistan Women Hockey Team

The women hockey team although did not have the success it expected lately, the team had been working hard on its training and matches. Less careless mistakes are found in their matches that conveys a strong message to the opposing team; we are not weak. The hockey team members from the start have been working on proper training and education of the team members.

In 2011 PHF- Pakistan hockey federation banned many women hockey players who tried to fake their ages. As the actually requirement of Pakistani women hockey team age is above 1-01-1992 some of the women faked it, but got caught. To properly identify the ages of players a committee was found to check the documents and birth certificates of the players. The girls who played 1st U-18 girls national hockey championship in the national hockey stadium faked their ages. Some fake documents were found presented by the girls who participated in the nine teams. PHF released the issue on Saturday may 08 2011. Different kinds of bans have been imposed on these participants so that they cannot play hockey and perform other related activities. Razia malik, the assistant was banned to for mismanagement.

Two years ban was imposed on players Miss Ahnazza Bashir, Miss Ishrat Abbas, Miss Nafeesa Anwar, Miss Nazia Rehmat, Miss Hina Pervaiz and Miss Nimra. Strict warnings were provided to the association and management members, including the president and secretary of Punjab women’s association.

The women hockey team so had more to face then to play. The management or the committee was passionate, however some players weren’t. The bans imposed created more management problems. Since then the Pakistani women hockey team is trying to hold things back and properly participate in the national matches. We hope to see them in the game, properly, soon.

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