Samil Ullah – the Flying Horse

Samil Ullah – the Flying Horse

Samiullah was classic Asian right winger of hcokey with great pace and ability to execute great ‘crosses’. He was nicknamed Flying Horse due to his speed and stamina.

This fair and handsome captain, Sami Ullah, had his career high in the year 1982. The very same year he won two gold medals namely in the Karachi Asia cup and the New Delhi Asian games. He also got the fourth position in the Amsterdam champions’ trophy.

In 1982 it was under his leadership that Pakistan humiliated their arch rivals in New Delhi in front of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and a packed stadium by winning the match with a margin of six goals. The end score was a horrible 7-1 defeat for India. Kalimullah and Hassan Sardar scored goals with utmost ease to completely wipe out the Indian defense.

Another special award which is special to all Pakistan hockey players is the Pride of performance. This award was given to Sami Ullah for his rollicking career in the year 1983. He retired from professional hockey in the year 2005 and then took on the vital task of being the team’s manger then.

The current Pakistan team has been having a rough run. They have been faced with defeat in some of the recent tournaments. The Pakistan hockey federation is doing all that they can to revive Pakistani hockey. While some of the major team players have been sacked due to their old age, a lot of new blood is being given an opportunity.

Old players like Sami Ullah have the experience, knowledge and skill and to use their knowledge for the best of the Pakistan national team is the current motto. Many of the older players are being called and given honorary and vital posts in the team’s management. He has been made the touring manager of the current team.

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