Shahbaz Ahmad Sr. – Speedy Left-in of Pakistan Hockey

Shahbaz Ahmad – Speedy Left-in of Pakistan Hockey

Shahbaz Ahmad is one of the greatest hockey players of all times. Shahbaz had great ball control and has got great speed. He played a major rule in Pakistan victories in 1994 World Cup Sydney Australia and Champions Trophy 1994 Lahore Pakistan.

Shahbaz Ahmad is known as The Man With The Electric Heels. This is a nick name given to this legendary Pakistan forward player by one and all. His energy, skills and speed on the field has been unmatched till date. Born in the year 1968 on the 1st of September in Faisalabad, this player made his debut in the year 1986.

He was the captain of the side too and has led his team to many glorious victories. His victories have not only been on the lands of his country but he has had many wins across the globe as well.

The only player in the world to hold the record for winning the man of the tournament award in two consecutive world cups; the 1990 hockey world cup and the 1994 hockey world cup. The icing on the cap being the Pakistan won the world cup in the year 1994 while stood second in 1990 world cup.

He has won many other gold medals in various other tournaments. Some of the tournaments where he has won the gold medal are 1989 Asian games, 3rd Asia cup held in New Delhi. His collection of silver medals starts at the 1988 Champions trophy, followed by the seventh world cup in 1990 and the BMW trophy in the same year too. The champion’s trophy held in the year 1989 he bagged a bronze medal too. Over and above this the trophies and medals won by this player in local tournaments are so many that a museum of only his awards can be made.

He has 304 caps for his countr. After his retirement form international hockey, he played for a Dutch club for a period of two years. The Dutch club is known as Oranje Zwart.

His performance during the world cups of 1990 and 1994 were outstanding. He made a famous run down against Australia during the 1994 world cup and set a classic example of executing a counter attack.

This highly capped captain of Pakistan though quit playing hockey in the year 1998 made a come back in the year 2001. This was a decision which didn’t go to well with many senior officials. Shahbaz Ahmad has always been a busy player who is involved with hockey in form or the other. He coaches a lot of young lads and is desperately trying to bring back the victory spree into Pakistan hockey.

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