Top 10 Pakistan Hockey Player of All Time

Pakistan has been a powerhouse of Hockey and holds many hockey record. Pakistan has produced many top class hockey players. Here is the list of top Pakistan hockey players of all time.

Top Hockey Player 1.      Shahbaz Ahmad Sr.

Known as Maradona of Hockey, Shahbaz Ahmad was a speedy left in with electric heels. He played a major role in many Pakistan victories in late 1980s and early 1990s. He was the player of the tournament in both World cup 1990 and 1994, with Pakistan lifting the cup in the 2nd episode. He had an excellent ball control, sheer speed and was a real game maker.

Top Hockey Player 2.      Hasan Sardar

Known for his unmatched dribbling skills, Hasan Sardar is one of the very best center forward the game has ever seen. He is known as wizard for his unbeleive doggding and scoring abilities. He scored 150 goals for Pakistan and played a major role in 1982 world cup, Asian games and 1984 Olympics victories. He scored 11 goals in 1982 world cup and 10 in 1984 Olympics.

Top Hockey Player 3.      Sohail Abbas

World greatest flicker of the hockey ball, Sohail Abbas is the highest goal scorer in history of hockey with 348 goals till todate. He is master a penalty corner specialist known for his speedy and accurate drag flicks. He captained Pakistan hockey to 2012 London Olympics.

Top Hockey Player 4.      Waseem Ahmad

The most capped Pakistan hockey player ever with more than 400 caps against his names, little fellow Waseeem Ahmad is one of the best left halves the world has ever seen. He is known for outstanding control on the ball and excellent tackling and positioning sense.

Top Hockey Player 5.      Shahid Ali Khan

One of the very best Pakistani goalkeepers, Shahid Ali Khan was the star in Pakistan 1980 New Dehli World cup victory.  He played hockey for Pakistan for more than a decade in flying colours and proved himself as a big-match players by showing strong nerves.

Top Hockey Player 6.      Akhtar Rasool

A reliable center half, Akhtar Rasool was another prime player Pakistan hockey had its prime. He had very good ball distribution skills and was a great recovery center half

Top Hockey Player 7.      Sameeullah

Known as the ‘flying horse’, Sameeullah was a speedster who played important role in Pakistan victories at its prime. He played a major role in Pakistan bronze medal win in 1976 Olympics and gold medal win in 1978 Asian games. His younger brother Kalimmullah and uncle Motiullah are also Olympics gold medallist for Pakistan.

Top Hockey Player 8.      Munir Dar

One of the best right full-backs Pakistan has ever seen, Munir Dar was a very reliable defender with outstanding tackling skills. He is the second best penalty corner expert Pakistan has ever had after Sohail Abbas.

Top Hockey Player 9.      Shahnaz Sheikh

Another skilful forward for Pakistan hockey, Shahnaz Sheikh was always a threat for opponents for his speedy run-downs. He won world cup and Asian games gold medal, along with a silver medal in 1972 Olympics and bronze in 1976 Olympics. His performance during early and mid 1970s was outstanding.

Top Hockey Player 10.  Hanif Khan

Hanif Khan was a top class left in with excellent skills and  speed. He was an important player of Pakistan hockey team which won 1984 Olympics and bronze medal in 1976 Olympics.

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