Top 10 Pakistani Fielders of All Time – Best Fielders from Pakistan

Fielding plays an important role in cricket especially in ODI and T20 cricket. Pakistan traditionally has not been a top fielding side, but things have improved a lot lately. Pakistan has produced some top world-class fielders. Here is the list of top 10 Pakistani fielders of all time.

1.       Javed Miandad

A very good close-in fielder with great catching skills in slip and close-in positions. He held 93 test and 71 ODI catches.

2.       Salim Malik

A quick to react, very useful close-in fielder. He was an important fielder for Pakistan in early days of ODI.  He held 65 test ad 81 ODI catches.

3.       Ijaz Ahmad

Good at aiming at stumps, great catcher. He saved lots of run at point position for Pakistan along with taking some memorable catches and run outs. He has 90 ODI and 45 test catches under his belt.

4.       Younis Khan

Great slip fielder who hardly drops any catch. His tally of 131 ODI and 91 test catches is a great proof of it.

5.       Inzemamul Haq

Great fielder in the slip, hardly ever dropped any catch. He held a tally of 113 catches in ODI  and 81 in test matches.

6.       Shoaib Mohammad

Sharp in the field, good catching skills. He was a very reliable and alert fielder at any position.

7.       Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi in one the top Pakistani fielders ever with his great catching and run saving skills. He has held 113 ODI catches.

8.       Imran Nazir

Perhaps the best ever Pakistani fielder with great diving skills to save runs and take catches.

9.       Shoaib Malik

Another quick and reliable modern day fielder. Former Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer described him as a ‘real presence in the field’.

10.   Mohammad Hafeez

Modern day top quality fielder. He is the latest addition to the list of all time top 10 Pakistani fielders.

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