Top 5 Captains of Pakistani Teams of All Time- Best Pakistani Skippers

Captain plays an important role in cricket and can turn any match with right and timely decisions as he is responsible for many on the field decisions. Pakistan have produced many successful captains including Imran Khan, who, by many, is considered the best ever captain in the history of the game. Here is the list of top 5 Pakistani cricket captains till today.

Top 5 Captains:

Top Captain 1: Imran Khan

Imran Khan was the best Pakistani captain ever with proven leadership qualities who was always willing to lead by example and take calculated risks when needed. He captained Pakistan than any other player and went on to win world cup 1992 in Australia. He is regarded one of the best captain in the game for any country.

Top Captain 2:  Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Very first captain of Pakistan cricket team, Kardar’s captaincy qualities helped Pakistan in its initial victories, both in home and abroad. He won at least one test against all of the cricket playing nation of that time to prove his leadership qualities. He was aggressive yet confident in his approach.

Top Captain 3:  Javed Miandad

Jave Miandad is considered the second most successful and one of the youngest captains of Pakistan cricket team of all time who lead Pakistan in 34 test matches.  He also played a crucial role as a vice captain to Imran Khan in many famous victories of Pakistan.

Top Captain 4:  Younus Khan

An accomplished batsman and alert fielder, Younus Khan led Pakistan to its World T20 2009 victory in England.

Top Captain 5:  Mushtaq Mohammad

Mushtaq Mohammad is one of the most successful captain of Pakistan of all time, who played an important role in many victories of Pakistan in late 1970s. He lead Pakistan to famous 2-0 victory against India when both nation played after a gap of 18 years in 1976-77.

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