Top 5 Mobile Phone Networks In Pakistan – Best Cell Phone Networks

In this fast era of technological advancements, communication has become really easy and hassle free. In old time when people had to wait for a couple of days or a couple of months to send their message via letters to their loved ones but now the mighty revolution in the communication sector has made our lives so easy that it takes only a few seconds to get in touch with your friends or family no matter how far they are.

After the advent of internet the second thing that have tremendously made our lives so simple that we can get in touch with the whole world while on the go or anywhere at all is mobile phone or cell phone. The whole world is into our palms nowadays and with just a touch away we can send a text message, or call or send a voice message or even can send emails and chat on messengers just by using cell phones.

The mobile phone revolution has not only touched the western world but also in Asian countries it has become an integral part of people’s lives. With so many cellular phone companies working and offering incredible calls or text message packages has made cell phone within the reach of people from all walks of life. Particularly talking about Pakistan the cell phone sector has got a boom in the recent past. So many cellular companies have been introduced and are operating successfully in the country.

Top Mobile Networks/ Cell Phone Carrier in Pakistan:

Some of the top cellular service providers in Pakistan are described as follows:

Mobile Phone Network 1: Mobilink

Mobilink is one of the largest and oldest cellular networks in Pakistan. Mobilink is owned by PMCL an Orascom telecom holding. Mobilink currently has 36 million registered users. The company offers both postpaid and prepaid services to their customers. The company is currently using GSM 900/1800 networking technology. With best value added services it is a growing network and planning to offer UTMS 3G/HSPA 3.5G.

Mobile Phone Network 2: Telenor

Telenor is Pakistan’s second largest cellular network. It is owned by Telenor ASA. Almost 30 million people are using Telenor as their cellular networking service provider. The company offers both prepaid and postpaid services to their customers. Currently Telenor is using GSM 900/1800 networking technology. However, for the future, it has been planning to offer UTMS 3G/HSPA 3.5G to the customers.

Mobile Phone Network 3: Ufone

Ufone is the third cellular company in Pakisyan, owned by PTCL and Etisalat. At present nearly 19.7 million users are using Ufone services. Ufone is offering both prepaid and postpaid services to their customers. Ufone is providing GSM 900/1800 networking technology at present and is planning to upgrade to UTMS 3G/HSPA 3.5G.

Mobile Phone Network 4: Zong

The old name for this service provider was Paktel. It is pakistan’s fourth largest cell phone service provider company. Zong’s owner is CMPak ltd that is China Mobile company. Zong has been able to hold 17.9 million registered users in the country. It offers postpaid, prepaid and a mobile banking networking service that is known as “Time Pey”. Like other networks in the country is has been using GSM 900/1800 networking service. Zong is planning to switch to UTMS 3G/HSPA 3.5G in the near future.

Mobile Phone Network 5: Warid:

Pakistan’s fifth largest cellular service provider is Warid. It is owned by Warid Telecom Abu Dhabi group and Singtel. Warid telecom has been able to hold 12 million registered nationwide users. Like others it offers both prepaid and postpaid services to the consumers. And like other it is currently using GSM 900/1800 networking technology and plans to move to UTMS 3G/HSPA 3.5G in the coming months.

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