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Wicketkeepers are important part of any cricket team. As there is only spot in a team for a wicketkeeper, competition is always very tough and one need to be very good at wicketkeeping along with reasonable batting skills to cement his place in the team. Pakistan has been blessed with some top class wicket keepers since getting status of an international playing nation. Here is the list of top 5 Pakistani wicket keepers of all time.

Top Pakistani Wicketkeeper # 1. Waseem Bari

Perhaps the best wicketkeeper Pakistan has ever had, Wasim Bari had very safe hands behind the stumps. He took many catches behind the stumps off the great swing bowling of Imran Khan. Wasim Bari himself considered keeping against leg break googly bowler Abdul Qadir as the most difficult one. He once played a whole 3-match series against England without conceding a single run as byes. Another record which held for long was the maximum number of catches (7) in an innings. He finished his test career with a tally of 228 victims. He was a very useful lower order batsman for Pakistan.

Top Pakistani Wicketkeeper # 2. Imtiaz Ahmad

Imtiaz Ahmad was an integral part of Pakistan cricket team in its early days. He contributed both with wicketkeeping and batting. He was the first wicketkeeper in the history of the cricket to complete wicketkeeper test double (1000 runs and 100 catches). ‘Caught Imtiaz, bowled Fazal’ was one of the most popular phrase in those days.  Pakistan’s first wicketkeeper scored more than 2000 runs with the highest score of 209 in his 42 test matches.

Top Pakistani Wicketkeeper # 3. Rashid Latif

Perhaps the second best wicketkeeper after Wasim Bari in terms of wicketkeeping, Rashid Latif had very safe hands behind the stumps.  His dives was worthseeing and he was always alert behind the stumps. He represented Pakistan from 1992-2003 and captained the side in the later stages of his career. He had 130 test and 220 ODI victims behind the stumps, while as a batsman he scored more than 1000 runs in both forms of the game.

Top Pakistani Wicketkeeper # 4. Moin Khan

Another top class wicketkeeper Pakistan who excelled in batting as well.  He was a member of Pakistan team which won the 1992 world cup. He played a crucial little innings in the semi finals against New Zealand and took 3 crucial catches in the finals against England. He also played in 1999 world cup where Pakistan stood second. He represented Pakistan from 1990 to 2004 and captained the side as well. He had 148 test and 287 ODI victims behind the stumps, while he scored more than 2500 runs in both format of the game.

Top Pakistani Wicketkeeper # 5. Saleem Yousuf

An  other top Pakistani wicketkeeper batsman, Saleem Yousuf kept the wickets for Pakistan in late 1980s including world cup 1987. He played a match-winning innings against West Indies in that world cup. He finished his career with more than 100 victims against his name both in Test and ODI cricket.

Other prominent pakistani wicketkeepers include: Ashraf Ali, Aneel Dalpat, Zulqarnain Haider, Sarfaraz Ahmad and Kamran Akmal.

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