Multan, Pakistan- City of Saints

Multan is known as the “city of saints” and is popular for delicious mango and citrus forms. Multan also holds a remarkable position from agricultural point of view. Climate of the city is extremely hot especially in summers and the city is also known for dust storms. Multan is an industrialist and commercial city connected to other parts of the country via airport and railways. It got fame as the industrial, agricultural and tourist center.

Visiting Multan makes it essential to view and enjoy the prime attractions of this sacred city. Main attraction of the city includes marvelous sky scrapping Mausoleums of the Sufi Saints. Apart from it Multan also homes several generous mosques and are considered as jewels of the city. Multan tourist’s attraction has been instrumental in crafting the city as one of the highly frequently visited destination in Pakistan. If you are urging to explore the historical places ancient city of Multan is the home of several places to gratify your inclination. It is one of the oldest surviving cities in sun-continent.  Two of the most beautiful shrines of the city are as follows

Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s Tomb:

It is situated behind the old beautiful ruins of Multan fort on the top of tiny hillock. Mazar and its majestic dome can be seen from far distances and is the very first landmark of the city as you enter Multan.

Shah Rukn-e-Alam (1251-1335) was a renowned Sufi saint. He is followed and admired by his followers and even today thousands and thousands of pilgrims from every nook of the country visit Multan to pay homage. He was the successor and grandson of the great Sufi Shaikh Baha-ud-Din Zakariya whose Mazar is near as well.  Mazar is the masterpiece of architecture the dome is more than 50 feet in diameter and has a height of over 100 feet.  The entire building is beautifully designed with red bricks and is decorated with mind-blowing wood works.

Baha-ud-Din Zakariya Tomb:

Baha-ud-din Zakariya Mazar (1170-1267) was the famous Sufi saint who travelled several years from Baghdad, India, Iraq for the preaching of Islam and made his final residence in Multan. Building of the Baha-ud-Din Zakariya Tomb is glory of the city and is an octagon building and is beautifully crafted with red bricks, wood, art and mirror work. Multan also encompasses other famous shrines like Shams-e-Tabraiz, Sheikh Yousaf Gardezi, Shrine Bibi Pak Damn and other worth seeing mosques.

Apart from shrines Multan is also famous for its attractive and jams packed bazars like Hussain agahi, Bohar gate, Chowk Bazar, Dehli Gate, Haram Gate, Pak Gate and Lohari gate. Ghanta Ghar chowk is famous for its sky touching clock and is the best sopping hub because it is the old city of Multan. Multan Cant is full of all trendy and latest accessories and you can get everything from crockery to clothes to everything. Nigar Khana is the best place to enjoy and buy the famous traditional handmade items of Multan. Multan is considered as the hub of Blue pottery also known as “Naqash Kari”. Multan is known for embroidery “hath ki karhai” and ladies make mind-blowing designs with various types of embroidery including muqesh, dabqa, gota kinari, tar kasha and many more.

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