Must Visit Places in Karachi, Pakistan

Situated at the shores of Arabian Sea packed with 6000 people per square kilometre is the city of Karachi, the habitat of 21 million Pakistani, making it the largest city of Pakistan; As locally known “the city of lights” and the “the city of Quaid” has been previously known by many names as “Krokola”, “Morontobara”, “Debal”, and “Kolachi” from where the word Karachi arrived.

Karachi is the capital of Sind province of Pakistan. It has been the capital of the country at the time of its independence till Islamabad came into existence as a capital of the country. This has made the city connected to its people with their cultural and emotional values. The modern city is state of the art metropolitan including modern day economic, social, and educational factors all over its surface.

The weather is moderate and since the city is situated at the coast no extreme weather is predicted all over the year. Summer is the lengthiest time in the year and monsoon rains make the city bloom like a pleasant dwelling. April to October the humidity remains high so most of the tourist start coming in the month of November and December when the humidity reduces and the weather become endearing.

Sea sights

Visiting the sea is a great adventure. It is not only a place for breeze, romance, and delicacy but for fun, entertainment, and jubilation. Groups like Divers Reef Karachi provide you with adventurous experiences in the waters. When you come at the sea shores Clifton Beach is an area where people love to hangout. On weekends numerous families drag themselves out of the fast paced life of the metropolitan to enjoy the fairy moments of sunset at Clifton. Clifton is also a residential place for the one who can afford it. One of the musts all over the world wherever you find sea is the seafood. Shopping centres, game arcades, and cafes would not be the only places which you are going to find at Clifton Beach area but high quality restaurants packed with delicious seafood recipes inviting you to taste their delicious and scrumptious flavours.

For Food Lovers

When we talk about food seafood is not the only thing which Karachi is famous for, Karachites are food lovers. At the time of independence many Muhajir families migrated to Karachi and brought their rich culture with them; they brought great taste too. Haidrabadi biryani and sindhi biryani are the most seasoned rice dishes which are famous all over the country for their rich taste and colourful serving. You will find restaurants, cafes, and dining places all over the city not only in great number but great taste and good quality; wherever you go, do not miss the taste of biryani.

Historical Places

Karachi is a city with great history so Clifton Beach would not be the only attraction but there are numerous wonderful places to visit. If you are found of history, Mohatta Palace Museum and National Museum,are places you must visit to browse the amazing history and culture of both the city and the country. These places will infer the rich past which has evolved the modern day Karachi into its recent shape and culture.


You will find water parks, amusement parks, and city clubs around the city where you can go with your family and kids to enjoy your fun time. Aladdin Park, Kemari,  Askari Park, Bin Qasim Park, Karachi Zoo, Paradise Point, and Safari Park are a few of these worth-seeing place which would bring the captivating entertainment to your lives.


The father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah rests in Mazar-e-Quaid. The mausoleum has also become an attraction the patriotic visitors as well as for others. The tomb is surrounded by a huge park which is well maintained and often crowded with visitors coming to pray at the tomb or enjoying the open air around the park area.


Art and culture Centres

Karachi has been a backbone for Art and Culture, education, and liberty in Pakistan. The National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi Expo Centre, along with IBA, BVS, National University of Computer and Emerging Science, and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology are the places where both education and culture has flourished in many ways. You will find many film festivals, education and industrial expos, and mushaiyras (Urdu poetry gatherings) happening around the city throughout the year. These are the best gatherings to visit and understand the colourful community living in metropolitan and its suburban area.

Architectural Beauty

If you find amusement in observing architecture or you are an architect yourself, Karachi would open its arms toward you with beautiful buildings and great texture. Building from past, British raj, and modern days would catch your attention. Buildings like Sindh High Court, Frere Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Cantt. Railway Station,and Mohatta Palace are examples from a great architectural perspective.


Signs of Industrial Development

The Muslim Commercial Bank Tower (MCB Tower), PRC and PNSC Towers, and the building of Karachi Stock Exchange would remind you that Karachi is the industrial and economic hub of the country. The 100 index of Karachi Stock Exchange is a lead for every standardized business in Pakistan. It is likely that you buy a product and find a logo on it relating to a business situated in Karachi. The industry has flourished in Karachi. The owners of businesses and the establishment has great go along to make the city a wonderful place to live in and find a place in tomorrow’s leading cities of the world. These are the industrialists, financial agencies, intermediaries, and businessmen of Karachi which have been putting their blood into the system making is prosperous, productive, and an amazing city.

Karachi is one of those cities visiting which is the part of many people’s wish-list. It contains all the factors to declare it a part of the modern age; a metropolitan; a city with all services and facilities required to thrive in today’s world; and all fun and entertainment influences. All these reasons would make you stick to the cities attractive environment and once you have visited it, you would love to come again. It is a single journey but with many tastes, colours, and perspectives.

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