Top Locations to Visit in Faisalabad

There are a variety of attractions, both historical and social, in the grand city of Faisalabad in the country of Pakistan.  The rich historical background of the area offers many sites to visit, both modern and ancient.  From the city’s famous shops and bazaars to its natural parks and cultural museums, Faisalabad literally offers something for everyone.  Many fine hotels occupy the city including the Faisalabad Serena Hotel, which offers a gorgeous view and cultural design.  The staff is friendly and always available to serve during the day or night.  This particular hotel offers a patio overlooking the beautiful local vegetation along with a pool and dining area.  There is also a grand conference room for business meetings.  Whether you intend to visit Faisalabad for business or pleasure there are many attractions to visit no matter what subjects may peak your interest.

The Faisalabad Clock Tower, one of the oldest monuments in the city, is still one of the most historical and popular places to visit.  Built in 1903 while still under British rule it is surrounded by a variety of markets and shopping establishments.  A little known fact about this location is that if viewed from above the clock tower along with the surrounding markets actually form the shape of the Union Jack flag for the United Kingdom.  Besides its historical significance the location is a great place to shop, socialize and take some gorgeous pictures.

If you are looking for a pleasant nature walk and quiet scenery, a great place to visit in Faisalabad would be the Gatwala Wildlife Park.  This park contains a variety of local plant life and much of the local wildlife.  There are plazas and gazebos to sit in and quietly observe the serene atmosphere will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Local wildlife can also be observed around the park interacting with the plentiful fauna.

In addition to Gatwala Wildlife Park, there is also the beautiful Jinnah Garden, which features lovely display of colorful flowers.  There is ample space to a take a leisurely walk for exercise while admiring the rows of flowers.  The Jinnah Garden also has many places to sit and relax while taking in the stunning scenery.  There are also several sources of entertainment in the area including a popular fruit shop.  The Jinnah Garden is a particularly nice place to visit during the evening hours when the whole park is lit up by bright lights.

Faisalabad contains many cultural locations of interest in addition to the multiple venues of entertainment.  The Lyallpur Museum is one such example of the arts in this fine city.  A relatively new facility built in 2012 it houses many galleries containing both historic and modern pieces of art.  Paintings, pottery works and ancient artifacts are just a few of the popular exhibits that you will see when browsing this museum.  The Lyallpur Museum also holds a collection of rare books in addition to hosting regular lectures.  The local staff is very knowledgeable of every subject and is readily available to answer the many questions that you may have.

Whether looking to relax in a unique city full of life, or just stopping by for a business meeting, Faisalabad offers exceptional options.  If you are looking an upscale social establishment than the Chenab Club is highly recommended.  The club features a bowling alley, card room, indoor tennis tables and a full gymnasium.  The Chenab Club is visited by many of the local officials and offers exclusive access to some of the finest entertainment options in the area.  Whether looking to relax or engage in athletic activities, the Chenab Club is an excellent place to visit.

No matter which hotel or resort you plan to stay at there is always a local attraction near by.  The shops offer exceptional hand crafting souvenirs and the museums offer a unique historic view of the city’s past and preset culture. The local inhabitants of the city are very friendly and there are multiple methods of transportation when traveling from place to place.  So the next time you are visiting Faisalabad, be sure to stop by the attractions mentioned above.  There are so many places to visit in this fine city, but you’ll definitely want to make sure you put these on your list of things to see while there.

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