How to Improve English Language Skills

There are many ways to improve English language skills, not the least of which is to watch television. Those who wish to do this are usually told to put on the close captioning feature now found on most TVs. The reasoning is that when one does not understand what is said, one may often find the word written out in the captioning to identify it. Soap operas are an excellent medium for watching TV to improve English language skills as usually they speak the same way that the majority of Americans do, with the use of idioms and occasional intentioned puns.

Another hint on how to improve English language skills is to involve learning English in a hobby of sorts. For instance purchase an easy crossword magazine. Or if you love to cook, purchase a child’s cookbook. The Internet is also full of word puzzles that are at a child’s level or have settings for you to move forward from easy to harder ones.

Plan a strategy for yourself. For example if your need to improve English language skills in writing the English language, then join a few blogs and answer the blogs. If you make errors, the readers will question you as to your meaning or intent. Chat sites are excellent practice too for practicing your writing.

If actually speaking English is where you need to improve English language skills, then make it a point to treat yourself to a meal in a restaurant. There you will have to communicate with an English speaking person, and you need to be heard and understood.

There are a number of places on the Internet that have a “learn a new word every day” sites. Often the meaning will show you various usage of the word. Many of them now come with sound showing you exactly how to pronounce the word too.

Going out and asking for a manicure or a special haircut is another way of leaning to communicate in English. The fact that you must be understood will often make you improve English language skills, or at least you can ready yourself for this by looking for translations that you can use. For instance if you are seeking a manicure, learn how to say that word and understand what it means in your own language first.

If you feel as if pictures are of great help, you may find it interesting to look up drawn comic strips in the newspaper or even on the Internet. Again, this is a very interesting way to improve English language skills.

Even radio can be used to improve English language skills, especially those that are tuned to what’s known as talk radio. People call in to discuss whatever the topic of the day is, therefore many of the words will be used repetitiously, giving you a chance to practice saying them to yourself, as well as looking them up to see the exact meaning.

If you live with others who are trying to improve English language skills, make it a game of having one meal a day where everyone must speak English. In this way, even your children, who pick up languages easily, can be of help.

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