Top 10 Tips for Job Hunt – Job Search Advice

Job search is never an easy task, especially if you are at the start of your career. Here are the top 10 tips for job search which will help you with job search. Remember, you need to be a tech savvy and smart to get job in this difficult economy time.

Top Job Hunt Tips:

  1. If you are unemployed, use that time to prepare for the next job. Update your CV, Linkedin profile and learn new skills to best utilize your time. Treat job hunting as a full time job.
  2. Get guidance and tips for your job search from your friends and family and join seminars about job search in your area.
  3. Make use of online job search sites and make an updated profile on top sites. Subscribe to the mailing lists and apply for each job separately – there is no one size fit all solution when you apply for jobs. Avoid scams though.
  4. If you can, have a website or blog and build yourself as a personal brand. Google yourself  and adjust, if required, to manage online reputation.
  5. Use other social media platforms such as twitter to find job opportunities and network.
  6. Ask your friends and family if they know about any job opportunity. Use your time to improve your professional network offline as well.
  7. Mix both online and offline methods for your job search.
  8. Think about creative way to apply to jobs and find out a way make you standout from others.
  9. Learn from your mistakes and avoid those while applying for next jobs.
  10. Never Lose hope and keep applying.

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