Best Places to Visit in Asia – Vacations in Asia

Asia is the largest continent and has some of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is most populated with people belonging to different religions and cultures. Many countries hold treasures of beauty and natural splendors. You can visit sunny beaches on some of the most romantic getaways and islands. You can watch the world’s highest mountains or stay in the beautiful valleys for a few days. India, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia are some of the most visited countries for the sake of tourism by all kinds of tourists from all over the places.

It depends on you which type of tourism you are looking for. If you are interested in architecture, you should plan to visit India to see the eighth wonder of the world, Taj Mahal, forts built by Mogul emperors. You want to have a taste of sun on the sandy beaches; you should pack your bags to go to Indonesia and Malaysia. Families and groups can plan a vacation in the beautiful cities of Singapore and Hong Kong. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers can plan to visit the magnificent Himalayan Range and glaciers in Pakistan for skiing and mountaineering. Honeymooners and couples who wish to plan romantic getaway should not miss the beautiful sunsets in Goa and pristine beaches in Maldives.

Time would seem to stop somewhere in those wildernesses and you would never want to go back to where you belong. There is something mysterious and charming about these Asian lands. Malaysia, known for its tourism attractions can be visited by anyone looking for great food, unremarkable hospitality and immense natural beauty in the National parks. Tourists for gastronomy purpose should never miss the cuisines at all cost. You would love the mouthwatering Malay food influenced with Indian and Chinese food art.

Do you wish to see volcanic landscape? You will have to visit Indonesia to see miles of beaches and some of the best sceneries on the planet once in your lifetime. You can surf; enjoy water sports, visit museums or downtown to see the unique blend of Hindu culture with local traditions.

East is east and if you are in Asia, you have to visit the exotic and land of mysteries called India. You can travel by sea, by train or by air to visit the entire popular tourist destination in this beautiful land. You have to see the caves of Ajanta and visit Qutub minar in Delhi. You would not be able to resist Indian food and would love the local traditional clothes, festivals and of course, the hospitality. For those young travelers, looking for some fun on the beach Goa is your next destination. You can go to Maldives from India. It is a small country and economically dependent on the tourism and touristy. You would never forget the breathtaking seascape and would want to settle in one of the world’s most visited place.

If money is of no value to you, you should plan your next vacation in Singapore. You can shop in the mega malls till you drop dead and enjoy roaming around in the country for some pleasant vibes. You cannot miss the eateries and a visit to world’s best museums.

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