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Artwork can be an excellent gift for him. It is not exclusively the province of those who are very knowledgeable in art, and this is particularly true when it suits the interests of the recipient of the gift. After searching shops for hours or futilely trying to pry just what he wants from him, many a gift giver may give in and give the usual gifts tie, socks or even a pipe because he may have everything.

A true surprise though can be found in art as a gift for him. Whether he is art connoisseur who has favorite artists and styles or not, it can be a very suitable gift which is a true change from the traditional.

For example the average guy who enjoys looking at a nice painting but really doesn’t give art museums and artists much thought may not be impressed by a reproduction of a masterpiece no matter how beautifully done or how wonderful the subject.

However, a portrait of him or him with his bride can be an exceptional gift him and the best part is that he does not even have to know about it. A portrait which at one time in history took weeks or sometimes years of sittings can now be commissioned from a photo. Everything about the portrait can be specified including the background, how true to life the portrait is and the size. This can be an unusual and welcome surprise gift for him that will be treasured for years and he does not even have to really know much about art to appreciate it.

On the other hand, art as a gift for him when he is a fan of a particular style or painting can be an exquisite gift, which is treasured due to its uniqueness. Rather than the same old well-done prints as gifts, gift givers may consider reproductions, painted by hand in oil on canvas. There is no print or poster in existence that can compare to the vibrancy of a Vangogh reproduction on canvas, where even the brush strokes are full of energy.

Not every art lover is a fan of the masterpieces and some prefer the thrill of discovery with a new artist or new works. Such pieces can be commissioned or found with a suitable subject and style perfect as a gift for him. Popular art is extremely popular as a gift and tastes can range from abstract to landscapes, from realism to surrealism.

Although starving artists seemed as if they were around every corner years ago, the artist has become harder to locate, at least the ones capable of work on commission with exacting standards. While the lucky person may find an artist living right around the corner who can produce the work specified in the period desired not so many are lucky.

In the case where art for him seems a perfect gift idea but the gift giver does not know of an artist some engage a go between services or others enlist the help of a gallery. However it is done it can be an ideal and unique gift for him on any occasion.

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