Embroidered Gift Ideas

What greater pleasure is there than presenting an embroidered gift to a friend of family member, or to embroider a special gift for a child and see the delighted look when they receive something that no one else has, or can get.
We all like unique gifts. We love to receive something that is an original, designed with us in mind.

Using our embroidery talents to do something more than just decorate our already overburdened walls is possible if we are creative in our thinking and diligent in finding just the right embroidery pattern to use for the article we have in mind.

Machine embroidery is useful incredibly intricate and beautiful as well as relatively quick to produce. Machine embroidery patterns are readily available from the internet today and you can also download punch needle embroidery patterns on multiple sites.

A perfect thank you to someone might be an embroidered bag, completed by the purchase of a bottle of their favorite drink. To thank a host for your visit, one idea might be a basket, laden with pretty guest soaps and completed by the addition of fingertip towels that you have created with an embroidery design in the colors of their home.
Gifts such as these say,” I was thinking about what you might like”. A unique embroidery pattern will help you to combine thoughtfulness with creativity to make the perfect gift idea.

There are many embroidery designs which are specifically designed with a child in mind.
A set of finger puppets which bring fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, or Little Red Riding Hood creatively to life will bring a smile to a little ones face. Another idea might be to mix and match the fairy tale characters so that an entire set of them could be used to do childrens story time.

Sending a child to school with an embroidered cardigan for warmth or the neck of their turtle neck emblazoned with their school logo will be sure to please them, and may gather requests from other school mates as well.

A unique and novel idea for a wedding party might be embroidered place cards for the wedding parties table or a wedding sampler which details the dates, times and those who stood up for them at the wedding.

A newly made housewife would enjoy the pattern from her china made into an embroidery pattern for her tea towels or potholders.

You can download embroidery patterns, to design your own machine embroidery patterns or hand embroidery patterns to make your gift giving unique.
There are also many pattern maker softwares which will help you to create the perfect embroidery design from a picture or other scanned material that may also inspire new ideas for gifts.

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