Choosing Embroidery Designs for Beginners

At no time in history have so many embroidery patterns and embroidery designs been available to us to purchase from online or offline.
Deciding what’s next for us to make has to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of embroidery. Choosing that perfect embroidery design or embroidery pattern or finding the perfect pattern download is almost as much fun as stitching it.

But what if you are just beginning your stitching and aren’t quite sure what its going to take in time and energy. What if you aren’t quite sure which materials will be easier to work with until your skill level grows and your confidence in your own ability begins to develop.

Finding an embroidery design that doesn’t seem like it will take eons to finish for a beginner isn’t always easy, whether your medium is cross stitch, crewel embroidery or machine embroidery.
Some of them seem nearly insurmountable and in fact, the more complex pattern pieces will take a great deal of time.

Beginning any new craft is time consuming and learning the methods that are needed to accomplish the embroidery design you want to make won’t always come to you instantly..
For the beginning embroiderer, one of the best methods is to check the pattern. Many pattern booklets include an approximate number of hours that the design will take, or failing that, will offer the amount of stitches that are taken in each design.

An average person can complete about twelve cross stitches per minute so an embroidery design which has fifty thousand stitches will be something you might not want to tackle as a first project.

General rule of thumb would be to practice first using an iron on design, or a small cross stitch embroidery pattern with some scrap of fabric to learn the basic techniques that you will be using prior to the main project, so that your stitching becomes nearly automatic and the stitches that are part of the design, whether they are machine embroidery or crewel embroidery patterns will be easy for you to accomplish.

For a first embroidery design you may want to choose one that is smaller and less complex so that you don’t become discouraged before you complete the embroidery pattern and set it aside.
Another factor will be the thread.

Some types are easier to use, among them the cottons. Using silks or slippery threads for your first project will make it more difficult than is necessary, and may lead to your choosing not to continue.

An easy to use material for a first embroidery pattern or embroidery design will be cotton even weave such as aida, or linen. The more natural fabrics will be easier to work with and offer you the best chance to make an heirloom piece on your first foray into embroidery.

Choosing the pattern and accompanying items carefully will assure that you grow in your craft and continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

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