Recreation: Quilting and Knitting as a Hobby

Knitting and quilting is fun and many ladies have adopted both of these arts as their all time favorite hobbies. There is a lot of information available online and in books to start these hobbies anytime you want. You can buy quilting and knitting books from your nearest bookshop or you can order online. You can buy quilting kits and tools, knitting patterns and wool easily from your local hobby shop or simply find them on the web at a craft and hobby website. You can get your order delivered to you no matter which part of the world you live.

Knitting is done with the help of two needles. You can take yarn of your favorite color and thickness you like and start knitting. Knitting is interesting hobby as you turn the yarn in to fabric by following some interlocking loops techniques. You can make sweaters, scarf, mufflers and gowns by knitting wool or yarn for your loved ones. Many to be mothers knit woolen socks and mittens before their baby’s arrival to the world. It is a good hobby to pass your time and at same time invest your time into something very constructive.

Quilting is done by sewing together different pieces of fabrics together to make a fabric. You can recycle your old clothes by quilting techniques. You can buy special quilting fabrics in all colors and thicknesses. Quilting is easy and does not require a person to have lot of experience before beginning to quilt. There are many guides available on the internet for learning knitting or quilting. You can choose one of the activities or have fun with both of these hobbies.

Knitting and quilting is also very rewarding. Many expert women have turned their passion into their full time profession. They knit and quilt on order for their customers. Knitting and quilting involves lots of creativity. Both of these hobbies suit those people who want to spend their time in peace and tranquility.

Quilting cannot be done without a machine and proper tools. On the other hand, knitting is a hobby that you can enjoy almost everywhere. You can knit while watching television or sports. You can knit while traveling in a train or plane. You can knit while sitting or walking or talking and while resting in your garden under the shade. There are simply no limitations. You can pack your needles, wool or yarn and take it along with your on your vacations or with you when you are visiting some friend’s home.

Many types of woolen yarn are available these days. You can buy red, yellow, black, blues, white or brown shades of yarn to knit yourself some interesting piece of sweater or a woolen top. You can knit for your children and husband. Quilting is used for creating many types of art pieces. You can make quilts for your bed and spread a quilted fabric on your dining table. Use the quilted designs to decorate the walls of your house or make bags, clothes, jackets, belts, book covers and cases for your machines at home. There is simply no end to creativity and being creative to make your self enjoy these two great hobbies.

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