Women’s Most Favorite Indoor Games

Everyone has his or her own likes and dislikes in everything. It can be clothing, colors, fashion, books, career or anything at all. Similarly everyone has his or her own favorite games. Some like daring and challenging games while other like funny and entertaining games. But to some extent guys have different choices in games as that of girls. Males either young boys or adults like to play adventurous, fighting and racing games. While girls or ladies like interesting, entertaining games. Majority of them do not prefer to play fighting games. It is same for both indoor and outdoor games.

Many of the ladies love playing indoor games. This activity is not only a relaxing activity for themselves but also for the whole family. Normally kids get involved in such activities with their mother, sisters or aunts. Indoor games are something which are fun filled and involve physical and mental activity with a lot of fun at the same time. Some of the women’s most favorite indoor games are described below:

  • Cooking Games: These games are perfect for ladies and of their interest. Many of them have a lot of interest in them so they prefer playing these games at homes. Such games can be of like two participants cooking same dish in a given time and one of the family member plays a judge’s role to decide who cooked and presented in a better way.
  • Ludo: It is also one of the most favorite and most played games of many ladies or girls. Mostly four participants play this game altogether. But if all four participants are not available even two people can play this game easily.
  • Carrom: It is also another most played board game. Many of ladies love playing carrom in their free time with their kids or family or friends. Carrom helps to not only have real fun together with the family but also helps to strike the target perfectly.
  • Monopoly: It is also one of the widely played indoor games. Monopoly is a perfect example of classic game. This is one such game which provides a chance to have optimal fun with the whole family. It allows kids to learn about money management as well.
  • Online Games: There are many girls and ladies who love playing online games. With the advanced technology there are varieties of online games and girls love playing them for hours. Many of the gaming websites feature special girl’s games. These games include cooking games, makeup games and many others adventurous and famous cartoon character games as well which are loved by girls. Online gaming is one of the most convenient and most desirable gaming choices nowadays since there are majority of households who have wifi or broadband internet connections and also laptop or personal computers have become a necessary part of our lives so playing online games is not an issue at all. In fact it is the most favorite activity of many girls and housewives who love gaming or at least wish to spend some quality time with their family.

There are many other indoor games which are enjoyed by females all across the globe like snooker, chess, decorating games and even cards.  Women love to enjoy these light and entertaining games with their family members to make their spare time a memorable one.

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