How To Do Embroidery Designs by Hands or Machine

Embroidery is an art of materials (mostly fabrics) with designs stitched with together with yarn.

This can be done either by hand or by machine. The thread that you use is a special one made only for embroidery work. It comes in many colors also yarn can be used but this is used mostly for embroidery work called crewel and you will usually use a heavier fabric. When doing crewel this can be framed and hung on the wall as a picture or for a decorative pillow on a sofa or for the seat covering of chairs. When embroidering the use of the right needle is very important. Needles are available in many types and different sizes. When doing embroidery the needles should be changed every 20 hours. A necessary skill for any embroiderer is to select the appropriate needles. Example for crewel a medium length needle is used with a very sharp point. All purpose needles can be used for most embroidery projects. For beginners an assorted needle package would be the best purchase for beginners.

Sewing machines can also be used to create machine embroidery designs. This type of embroidery is very popular for designs on jackets, sweatshirts, and sports wear etc. Mostly these embroidery designs machines are computerized that read digital embroidery designs files made by some specific software. Many machine embroidery designs can be found on internet and one can easily work on those by downloading designs. There are some machines only for embroidery designs purposes while others are combination of embroider design and sewing.

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