Top 10 Hobbies of South Asian Women

There could be many hobbies for men and women. Hobbies are usually not gender specific but some of them are associated with women only. However, some of the hobbies loved by women are common in the opposite gender.

Hobbies become passion in no time and for a few, they remain an activity to pass time. No matter what you like to do in your spare time or your hobby turns into a passion and profession it is important to have them in your life especially if you are a woman. These passions, hobbies or activities help you to live your life out of the box. Here are top ten hobbies majority of Asian women enjoy so much and they are:

Top Hobby #1 – Surfing on the Internet : Most of the Asian households have computer systems in their houses and offices. Men and women use this facility to chat with friends, family or strangers. Women love to visit sites on the internet to dig some information about latest trends and fads. They have got addicted of using Facebook, Twitter and many other similar platforms for social interaction.

Top Hobby #2 – Cooking & Good Housekeeping: Asian women love to cook food since they believe it helps them win the heart of their man or husband. Family traditions and norms of society also compel the women to learn cooking, housekeeping and all the other chores around the house. Cooking as a habit is enjoyable and good for gastronomy purposes.

Top Hobby #3 – Let’s Go for Shopping: Shopping for clothes, grocery and fun is a healthy activity for women but men are usually allergic of this habit. Shopping is a hobby and a passion for Asian girls.

Top Hobby #4 – Gossiping: It is shockingly true that women love to gossip in their spare time.  Latest tools of technology and invention of cell phone is very helpful in this context. Most of the ladies in the house spend hours and hours talking to their friends on the phone. SMS or texting has helped them to communicate better, easily and they have become socially active more than ever.

Top Hobby #5 – Home based jobs: Jobs online are good way of spending their time. Home based jobs include article writing, data entry, marketing of products and services on the internet. This hobby soon turns into a source of passive income generating profession.

Top Hobby #6 – Dress Collection: Girls love to collect a variety of dresses or change their wardrobe every season. They love to experiment new line or style to make their own fashion statement.

Top Hobby #7 – Giveaway & Causes: Women are kind hearted and sensitive by nature. They love to spend their time for their causes and take active part in it by joining some NGOs and nonprofit organizations. This becomes primary goal of few of them to serve the ailing humanity while others enjoy the publicity and fame.

Top Hobby #8 – Home Politics: Taking active part in home politics is another favorite hobby of majority of women. Most of the women living in the region of India and Pakistan watch soaps and dramas everyday nonstop. They learn new things and techniques to handle the matters related with their in laws and they are very creative when it comes taming their relations especially, husband.

Top Hobby #9 – Dining out:  Another great hobby and passion for the girls is to dine out and spend some quality time away from their home in a restaurant. A majority of women living in big cities of India and Pakistan prefer to eat or dine outside and hang out with friends.

Top Hobby #10 – Movies and Songs: Songs and movies are great inspiration for these lovely ladies. They love to watch the Bollywood and Hollywood latest releases. Diehard fans follow their favorite celebrities and spend a great deal of their time in reading about their favorite stars and discuss for hours about their style, appearance and personality.

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