Care, Understanding and Patience Basic Ingredients of Strong Relationship

Everyone has, imperfections, difficulties and constraints but, these things are the part of the same person who is being loved, adored and cared by family and friends. Relationship between two individuals is trustworthy only if they accept each other as the sum total of the person. It is the foundation stone of any relationship because no one is created perfect in the whole universe. Every individual is a complete package and is the blend of both positive attributes leading to a happy contented life and the negative features causing stormy clouds. But, no one is complete without these attributes to build a strong relationship.

Every individual urging for peace and harmony in life has to learn the rules of compromises, adjustment, cooperation, collaboration, co-existence and compromises. In personal relationship both boys and girls need fine mental tools to make fine adjustments to bring balance in their life. These mental tools are named as understanding and patience.

Distracted and disturbed relationships creating disharmony are all because of lack of understanding, compromises and appreciation of the whole individual. Basically, acceptance of totality is the basic concept in every relationship. A lovely and nice person always reacts peculiarly  to specific situations which are hard to engulf. For instance, nervousness and stress in married life may cause severe stress so, it is wise to figure out the reasons causing stress instead of basing stress to mental condition having an intense need for medical attention. The other partner has to understand the situation rather than fighting and cursing him or her.  In hard situation every partner has to help and cooperate with his/her partner and have made arrangements to resolve things smoothly.

There are several reasons that aggravate stress like health, overworked situation and the living environment situation, nervousness about adjustment with an entirely new person belonging to different culture etc.  When the couple failed to analyze the cause of stress and trouble with patience and  enough time to understand the condition then, the relationship starts taking derailed track which in extensively tough to mend when shattered completely.

It is best to create a gleaming and happy environment with your partner since the very first day of your relationship. Give enough space to one another and understand each other fully. Don’t ever indulge in activities your partner is not comfortable with. No doubt, retaining relationships with old friends of the opposite sex is chilling but, never give priority to friends over your partner because it creates insecurity and certainly is the final blow that ruins the relationship. Girls are very sensitive by nature and are emotional so, handle them with care and love.

Every relationship needs time to strengthen the foundation and that is the reason relationships should be delicately handled under constant nourishment and nurture. Ratio of mistakes and misunderstanding reduces as long as the relationships are handled with understanding, care and patience. In the process of relationship building male partner usually plays the key role and make every possible effort to make their relationship long lasting.

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