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Heer – Ranjha Story in Urdu:

Tarekh mein kuch sachi mohabbat kerne wale aese bhi paye jate hain jin kay wajood to aaj nahain rahe hain leakin un ke mohabbato ke misale aaj bhi de jate hain aur jin kay dilo mein chahat kay diyay jal chuke ho woh un ke aramgaho pe hazari dete hain. Aik aesa he jora Heer aur Ranjhe ka hai jin ke mohabbat to sachi thee leakin hasid dilo ne un kay pyar ko nazar laga de aur un ko milan se pehle moat ke wadi pe utaar deya gya. Aaj bhi latadad chahne wale Heer kay abaye gaou Jhang, Punjab, Pakistan pe ja kay us badnaseed joray ke yaado ko taza kerte aur khud hamesha saath nibhane ke aik dosre ko yaqeen dehaani kerate hain.

Heer, Ranjha ke mashhoor tareen dastan mashhoor shaer Waris Shah ne 1766 mein likhe howe hai. Zayadaeh logo ka kehna hai yeh aik sachi dastan hai aur Waris Shah ne Jhang kay abaye logo se jo dastan sune howe hai usse shaerana andaz mein beyan keya howa hai.

Heer ka taloq aik ameer Jutt gharane se thaa aur woh inthaye khoobsorat larke thee. Ranjha Darya-e-Chenab kay qareeb “Takht Hazara” mein aik Jutt gharane mein paeda howa thaa aur apne charo bhaeyo mein sub se choota thaa. Apne baap ka ladla beta hone kay natay usse baqi bhaeyo ke terah kheto mein mehnat nahain kerne perte thee. Woh bansuri bajaya kerta thaa. Zameen kay mamle pe jhagra hone ke wajah se Ranjha ghar chor deta hai. Waris Shah ke dastan mein yeh likha gya howa hai kay Ranjhay kay bhaee ke biwi Ranjhay ko khana dene se enkar ker dete hai to Ranjha ghar chor deta hai. Phir woh Heer kay gaou pohanch jata hai jaha usse Heer se ishq ho jate hai. Heer ka baap Ranjhay ko raywar ke nokre day de thee. Ranjha jaese bansuri bajata hota thaa Heer mashoor ho jate hai aur Ranjhay se mohabbat kerne lagte hai.  Heer aur Ranjha kafi saal chup kay milte rehte hain aur phir aik dafa Heer ka chacha Qaedo aur us kay walid Chuchak aur walda Malki ko pakkar lete hain. Heer ko majboor keya jata hai kay woh kissi aur “Saida Khera” naame mard kay saath shadi kare.

Ranjhay ka dil tot jata hai aur woh dehe elaqo mein tanha mara, mara phirta rehta thaa. Gorakhnath jo kay jogiyo kay “kanphata” firqe ka bani hota hai us se Ranjhay ke “Tilla Jogian” pe mulaqat ho jate hai. Ranjha kaan chaed leta hai, jogi ka roop ekhteyar ker leta hai aur madi duniya se talouq tor deta hai. Ranjha Rab ka naam le ker phir se Punjab bhar mein mara, mara phirne lagta hai aur Heer kay gaou pohanch jata hai.

Es dafa Heer kay Waldaen Heer ke shadi Ranjhay kay saath kerne kay liye razamand ho jate hain leakin aen shadi kay roz Heer ka chacha Kaedo, Heer ke khurak mein zehar dal deta hai ta kay yeh shadi na ho sake. Ranjha yeh khabar sun ker Heer ke imdad ke liye bhaga, bhaga jata hai leakin badqismati se daer ho chuke hote hai. Ranjha dilbardashta ho ker zehrela laddo khud bhi khaa leta hai aur Heer kay saath woh bhi mar jata hai.


Heer – Ranjha Love Story in English:

Heer – Ranjha is a tale of woe and despair written by Waris Shah, telling the tragic story of two young lovers. Deedo lately known as Ranjha was a lucky man in some ways, but unlucky in so many others. As the youngest of four brothers in a small farming community, he was exempt from the duties that his brothers were responsible for. His father favoured him over the others and so he allowed Ranjha to live a peaceful life, playing the flute while his brothers toiled day and night on the farm. Naturally this caused resentment between Ranjha and his three brothers. The four of them argued bitterly over the question of who would inherit the land on the farm when their father died. Ranjha, being the favourite, was of the opinion that he deserved his fair share. His brothers thought differently, telling him that he did not deserve any of the land because he never helped them work on it. Eventually, his brother’s wife poisoned his mind and began refusing to prepare food for him so he left the village of Takht Hazara in search of better fortunes. Unfortunately, his journey would only bring him heartbreak and sorrow in the end.

Just as he was beginning to give up hope, he came across a village similar to the one he had left behind. He walked into a nearby farm and laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. At this moment, he decided that all of this would be worth it if he would make her love him as much as he loved her. Her name was Heer. Her father offered Ranjha a job herding cattle and he stayed with the family. He did manage to make Heer fall in love with him by playing his beautiful flute music to her. She loved those subtle melodies so much she knew that she had to be with the man who created them.

They began a secret affair for they knew Heer’s father would not approve. For a few wonderful years, they enjoyed their time together, not minding that they could not tell anybody of their love because they had each other. But this could not last forever. One day, Heer’s uncle Kaido discovered their secret love and told her parents of it. They decided to force her into marrying another man and Ranjha was banished from the village.

Lost once again, Ranjha continued his aimless wandering around Punjab. After what seems like an eternity, he meets the Kanphata sect of Jogi’s that decided to take him in and help him. Upon arriving, Ranjha joins these priests in relinquishing the material world and dedicating his life to the Lord, Rab.

With his new found piety, he returned to Heer’s village. Her parents agree to the marriage and Ranjha rejoices in the knowledge that he can finally be with the only woman he has ever truly loved. But it was not to be. Kaido still did not approve of the wedding and so he came up with a plot to stop it. He poisoned the food in the hope that the wedding would be cancelled and Heer ate some of it. Upon hearing this, Ranjha rushed to save her, but he did not make it in time and she had already succumbed to the poison. Looking at her lifeless corpse, Ranjha made a decision. There was no way that he could live without her, he wouldn’t want to. The moment she had died he had lost everything worth living for and so he reached out and took the food on the plate. Placing it in his mouth gently, he sat down and closed his eyes. Waiting for the inevitable. The two were buried in the hometown of Heer i.e. Jhang. Their graves are regularly visited by couples.

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