Mohsin Khan Cricketer and Reena Roy Actress: a Wedding that Turned Sour

Overview of the Wedding   

The marriage between Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy was a subject that brought a lot of attention: in fact, during the 1980s, when they started dating, the tongues had a field day. Reena herself was a fabulous Hindi Bollywood film star whilst her would-be partner, Mohsin Khan, was a very famous cricketer belonging to the Pakistani cricket team. Both the people, in their own right, attracted more than their fair share of attention and gossip but, when it became public that this couple were actually dating, the gossip reached new heights. The reason for the gossip was that this love affair surmounted those political barriers between Pakistan and India.

Glamorous Actress Reena Roy

Part of the gossip surrounding Reena Roy was her reputation for being a dusky glamour actress whom nobody ever thought would settle down due to her unfortunate relationships that eventually left her at her lowest point emotionally. It was during this time that she met Mohsin Khan and eventually agreed to become his wife. From this time on she threw herself wholeheartedly into being the kind of wife that she believed appealed to Mohsin Khan. In May 1980 Reena Ray publicly expressed her own dissatisfaction and dissolution with the whole film industry, admitting publicly that she wanted nothing more than to settle down to married life.

Naming the Day

After having known each other for more than six years, Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy named the day for their wedding: 1st April 1983. After their wedding they intended to set up home in Karachi, Pakistan. Both Reena and Mohsin were deeply in love with each other, a love that did not diminish in the years that followed, even after Mohsin left the Pakistan cricket team. Mohsin and Reena moved to Bombay, India to live whilst Mohsin attempted to make a new career in Bollywood films. Reena, meanwhile, continued to enjoy life as a full-time housewife and mother to her baby daughter, Jannat.

A Marriage of Convenience?

Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy married because, at the time, they were madly in love with each other but, neither of them went into their marriage with their eyes shut. Mohsin Khan looked on his wife’s success within the Bollywood film industry as a possible entry for himself, as he hoped to make a name for himself as a film star in India. Meanwhile, Reena Roy was dreaming of a means to escape a film industry that she made no secret about being sincerely tired of. Each one of the couple wanted something from the other: it is hardly surprising that their love didn’t survive the years.

A Love that Failed

Despite the love both felt for each other, over the years they began to drift apart and, following a number of marital clashes, they eventually divorced. Mohsin Khan remained in Pakistan where he focused on a mediocre career within the Pakistan film industry and, despite being the darling actress of Bollywood before her marriage to Mohsin Khan, Reena Roy was unable to make her way successfully in either television or in films. Mohsin, meanwhile, gravitated to a new career as a cricket commentator and cricket coach, later remarrying. Reena Roy  slowly faded from the limelight after various unsuccessful attempts to make a come-back. Their daughter, Jannat now lives with Reena Roy, despite Mohsin Khan being awarded custody of their daughter immediately following the divorce.

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