Wedding of Imran Khan and Jemima Khan

In 1995, Imran Khan and Jemima Khan married in a wedding that made everyone stand up and pay attention. Of course when they met it was the type of love that everyone dreams about. None of the differences between them made a difference and they felt that love could overcome anything that would possibly stand in their way. Many changes needed to be made in order for their marriage to succeed and it seemed in the beginning they were both willing to do whatever needed to be done in order to have a happy marriage that would stand the test of time. So they proceeded to start their life together and create a bond.
Unfortunately as with many marriages with too many obstacles, things got in the way and caused difficulty. Many would have thought that the difference in their ages would have been a major issue. But, although Imran Khan was more than twenty years older than Jemima, that was just a part of the issue for them. Many of the problems seemed to stem from the issues of their religious background and the changes that Jemima had to make in where she lived and the lifestyle changes that she needed to make. Even though changing her religion turned out to be an easy decision, the rest would just get in the way.
Jemima Khan came from a Jewish background originally and she converted to Islam in order to be married. According to reports, she still follows the religion to this day although they are now divorced. She even went with him on the road for his campaign trail during Imran’s political battle to be a politician. For many women, making a transition moving from one home to another is a smooth one but for Jemima Khan things were a little more difficult. Not only did she move from the U.K and went to Pakistan but she had to contend with Imran Khan and his political agenda as well. This was a hard life and big adjustment for her which started to weigh upon her each and every day.
This made life very difficult for her to live in Pakistan and because of this, their marriage started to fall under a lot of pressure and in the end they ended up in a sad divorce. Although it was a mutual agreement between the two, it was still very emotional for her to have to move back to the U.K with their small children and raise them without a father. Jemima does come from a background of money but that does not make all of the sadness go away. And even though they agreed to the separation, things were even a little more difficult at the fact that Imran did not recognize his daughter until recent. It may seem that this is a sorted and twisted love story but in the end it is just the story of two people that fell in love and the tragedies of everyday life broke them down and caused the end of a wonderful relationship.

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